Cracking up! Love the DC!!

I am not sure if my blog is what whomever was searching this was looking for.  Sounds like someone wanted something kinky and was directed to IVF LOL.  I guess you can say IVF is Kinky in it’s own way.  It’s got a lot of voyeurism, plenty of dildo cams, lots of people staring at your nono, some even getting hot over the thickness of the lining, we’re always getting poked, and forever have our legs spread!

So here it is…

I. Can’t. Stop. Laughing!  HAHA.  I knew this would catch up to me eventually!Untitled


4 thoughts on “Cracking up! Love the DC!!

  1. Lmao. We’ve had some pretty strange search terms as well. You can imagine how creative it gets with the word lesbian. -_-

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