Trigger Administered, I’m Locked, Cocked, and Ready for Retrieval!

Tomorrow is the day that I will be harvested.  My crops are ready.  I’m uncomfortably swollen.  Get these eggies out of me!

The surreal part about tomorrow is not only that this will be the day they are removing my eggs that have grown so nicely over the last 2 weeks but it is also the date that I would have hit my half way point with BOB.  Tomorrow I would have been 20 weeks.  Not a day goes by that I don’t think about my little angel.  I know he’s here with me helping me through this, I can feel it.

I’m so overwhelmed with emotions and bloat that I feel like a time bomb.  The slightest thing will set me off in a crying fit and possibly make me explode from the bloat.  I sneezed before and thought I was dying.  I’m trying to stay as “still” as I possibly can so as not to cause anymore discomfort than I already have.  I was walking to the restroom before and I started laughing hysterically because today I have a waddle.  Seriously.  With the amount of fluid in my ovaries, the swelling in my abdomen, and a not feeling so great hip, I have a serious penguin waddle.  I actually started singing that annoying yet catchy song, “Got any grapes?” And then I waddled away…waddle waddle. LOL.

Well, tomorrow…I hope you come quickly so I can get all these gorgeous eggies out of my ovaries!


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