Check# 3 – Stim Day 8 – almost there :)

Holy Crap!  What a difference 2 days make!  We have a bunch of nice big follies and a bunch really catching up quick.  I have another check on Sunday and from there we will decide when the trigger will be.  We are looking at either a Tuesday or Wednesday retrieval date right now based on the awesome job on the ovaries part.  I knew I felt them growing! That’s why I can’t move too fast or I get a painful pinch!

What is it about my lining that makes all the nurses swoon?  Seriously, as soon as DC (dildocam) enters my nono all I hear is “NICE!! Beautiful Lining” then there’s a little drooling, then some staring a little too long whilst Mr DC is just chilling in the nono, then “oh yea, uhmmm…lets check out them ovaries now” whilst they wipe the glistening sweat from their forehead and bosom.  Was it good for you?  It was certainly very awkward for me. Maybe Better Homes and Uteruses is not the magazine it should be featured in…maybe something like Playboy but for internal procreation organs?  I wouldn’t even know what to call that…”On Our Backs – The Seductive Pictures of One Dildo Cam.  This month’s spread is on Uterine Lining…check out the thickness of this one…ohh…ahhhh….”


Anywho…injections are still going well.  Still not getting anxious.  I still don’t enjoy them but I have no animosity towards them.  I feel like I have an angel just taking all my anxieties away and just letting me relax and just roll with whatever they throw at me.  Good job BOB, I’m proud of you for taking care of your mommy so well.  Thanks for the help ❤

It’s supposed to be a shitty weekend (weather-wise) so lets make the best of it.  Have a wonderful weekend everyone “)


3 thoughts on “Check# 3 – Stim Day 8 – almost there :)

    • It’s soooo sexy, I know. I’ve seen the pictures. I even blushed and drooled a little. I felt a little dirty because I liked it. I didn’t know that was my new fetish…whatever gets me twerking! (I hope I used that term correctly being as I JUST added it to my vocabulary LOL!!)

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