3 days of injections and egg shells

I’ve gone through 3 days of injections so far…tonight will be the 4th night.  Two more days and I assume I will be adding in the Ganirelix in the AM.  The fist injection on Friday was AWFUL, the second a breeze.  Menopur seems to be my enemy…it hurts…a lot.  I don’t know what I am going to not enjoy more, Menopur or Ganirelix because Ganirelix has always been my enemy.  I don’t seem to be as anxious around injection time as I have been previously…maybe I am finally getting over this needle fear?  Maybe I am just so use to it that it doesn’t really phase me anymore.  It kind of sucks, getting used to this sort of thing.  I never wanted to get used to it…I wanted it to work and be done with it.

I am much more “hormonal” this time than the previous two…maybe the Menopur? Maybe the combination of everything?  I warned everyone that they are on egg shells around me.  At any second I may snap.  I have, quite a bit.  I am in an awful mood today because of it too…I need to get out of this mood, it’s not me. I need to be happy.  Hopefully work will take my mind off of everything and I can go home in a normal mood.

Today’s appointment went well…everything appears to be normal.  If I don’t hear from them today I am to assume that my dosages will be the same.  Next check up is on Wednesday when I am thinking they will introduce the Ganirelix.

Also, Weird ending…but can someone please explain to me what the heck is “Twerking”?? I saw that word so many times in the last 10 hours and I have no idea what the heck it is…


12 thoughts on “3 days of injections and egg shells

  1. Best of luck on your shots!! I remember Menopur burning, but after the injection I would put pressure on the injection site and wiggle it around. I know it STINGS, but exhale through your teeth and keep positive!

    • hahaha…it is so hard to exhale during that one! I try so hard and end up clenching and barely breathing! I’m getting a little better at it, though…maybe tonight I’ll be able to breathe through it finally!

    • The initial stab of the Menopur is fine, it’s just there’s so much of it and the medication itself hurts going in. Gonal F is a breeze…Menopur is not for me unfortunately. I am so dreading the Ganirelix sting…it always lasts a whole hour for me :/
      I did ask if we could mix the Menopur with the Gonal F and it wasn’t advised.

  2. Trying applying an ice pack to the injection site for a few minutes ahead of time. I had to give myself my last two PIO injections and was terrified of having to stick myself with that long needle and push in that thick liquid, but after icing it I honestly didn’t feel a thing – it was totally numb.

    Also, re: twerking. Look up “how to twerk” on youtube and be prepared to lose a substantial number of brian cells.

    • I think I lost more than a substantial amount. I am blushing and I get dildo cams stuck up my hoo-ha on a regular basis! People do this in public? How grossly disrespectful to your own body! Ew.

      The ice is worth a shot, I’ve had it suggested before but I couldn’t get past thinking it’s not the injection that hurts…it’s the medicine that stings, so I couldn’t wrap my head around doing it if it’s not the prick but anything is worth trying at this point.

      • For me, the most painful part is the internal movement of the needle if it’s not kept perfectly still while pushing the meds in. Since I had to hold/inject with one hand on my backside, I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep perfectly still and I iced the heck out of it beforehand. It must have numbed pretty deep because I didn’t feel anything. I’d say give it a shot (no pun intended)! It certainly can’t hurt.

  3. I start my meds this Monday. I hate menopur….I’m doing bravelle and menopur and eventually ganirellix. I totally get how you are feeling. Its awful. One day you’re fine. The next day you want to beat someones head in! I hope this is your month!

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