Four more sleeps :)

Wow…I took my final bcp yesterday.  Now I just wait until Friday for my baseline appointment for instructions on when to begin.  I will start this stim phase with a whole vial of Menpur and 300iu of Gonal-F and we will go from there eventually adding Ganirelix in again (my favorite =/ ). I’ve never had this much medication all at once before.  I can’t believe that in a little over 2 weeks I will be having the egg retrieval again.  It’s both upsetting and surreal at the same time because it wasn’t supposed to happen like this…but I am working to make sure that I am in the best state, mentally, to take this on again in search of my rainbow baby(ies).

Over the weekend I officially became Godmother to my nephew, Benjamin.  It was an honor.  Here’s a picture of little Benjamin and his Godparents, myself and his Great Uncle John.

ben 8-18

And here’s myself with my adorable niece Paige…she was so well behaved during mass and when she was baptized as well.  She had the whole congregation laughing when she announced her intentions on going swimming in the fountain.  It was cute as hell!

paige 8-18

It really was an awesome weekend.  It’s going to be a lonely next few weeks as we jump on this roller coaster ride again being so far away from my family, but my decision to stick close to home for the next several weeks is for my health, sanity, and best interest of my potential rainbow babies.  I intend to stay as calm and relaxed as possible and will be avoiding stressful situations…I intend on doing everything I can to make this attempt the one that sticks.  BOB has been in my dreams so I know he is watching over me and guiding me through it.

So 4 more sleeps and I will know what we are doing.  Wow.



6 thoughts on “Four more sleeps :)

  1. What helped me get through it (just a few weeks ago) was lots of deep breaths and taking everything one step at a time; literally one step at a time because one day at a time was sometimes too much. Sending lots of prayers and support. Hopefully we both get pregnant this cycle!!

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