Cyst? What Cyst?

That 3cm cyst I had on August 5th…Gone-zo! Completely and totally Gone-zo!  Thank you Birth Control!

My ovaries were actually so quiet it was VERY hard to locate them…usually they are right there as soon as Mr. Dildocam jumps in saying “oh heyyyy, check me out!” Seriously, my ovaries are camera whores.  And show offs.  They can keep showing off, I give full permission of that.

What does this mean? That means I can officially stop taking bcp on Sunday and we are on track to start this crazy ride again on Friday, August 23rd!  I get almost a week off from needles then slammed right back into it full force.  I wish we had the technology Star Trek does with their injections…it seems so easy…but alas, in the midst of swimsuit season, I’ll be the one that has the fingers pointed at me with the track marks all over my arms and stomach.  Go ahead and judge me, strangers people watching while I secretly watch them as well…make assumptions…I KNOW what I am doing, think what you may of me because all that matters is I KNOW what the real purpose of these track marks are and I will wear them with PRIDE!

Damn you Birth Control, you make me crazy…I get so worked up over the simplest things!  Only Three more pills to go!

Today, I also had my fasting blood draw for Mother’s Serum.  They took so much more blood this time than last time.  I actually got dizzy and the nurse jokingly said she thought I was running out as the last 3 vials took FOREVER to fill and she had to keep flicking my arm to try to get it moving.  This phlebotomist is my absolute favorite, though.  Stern stature, but so nice and I have never had any pain when she sticks that needle in.  I wish she was at my normal office.  I should get a phone call later today just to go over my blood work from the extra vial she took just confirming that we are cleared for landing!

Today is a good day.  I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.



10 thoughts on “Cyst? What Cyst?

  1. Yay! You know you’ve been getting blood drawn too much when you have a favorite (or least favorite, like I have found). Too funny about the term “dildocam” and the fact that your ovaries are attention whores. Mine shy away from the camera. One lab tech who was in training couldn’t find them for awhile! I joked and said, “So THATS why I’m not getting pregnant!”. She didn’t laugh (boo)

    • LOL! I’ve been lucky enough to get very humorous nurses. Joe will sit there and ask the most obscene questions while I am in a very undignified position all spread eagle with dildocam en route to the chachi. They all laugh and don’t miss a beat.

  2. Sorry it’s taken me a while to get around to commenting. I’m slower than usual at just about everything these days. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog, and I’m so glad our story gives you hope! Best of luck as you start this cycle!

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