Hysteroscopy, done. Next up Mother’s Serum.

It’s been a very eventful almost week since my last post.  I went in for my hysteroscopy, got to bring home more weird pictures to add to my ever growing pile of weird IVF shit.  Everything went well, nothing wrong at all…everything looked beautiful, no polyps, no scar tissue…healthy as can be.  They took a biopsy as the standard procedure is to do that and I haven’t heard anything back but I assume I would only hear something if they found something not so good, so no news is good news!

The funding is in order, the price was confirmed, all I have to do is sign the paper work and our loan will be on its way to the hospital to pay for this.

I also found out what the heck was going on with our credit score, put in multiple disputes with the bank that made the screw up a year ago and with all the credit bureaus and got it straightened out (just waiting on the last credit bureau to update the status of the dispute).

Over the weekend we went to Dorney Park so I can get my adrenaline rushes out of my system (and so I don’t go during treatment in order to prevent myself from having scrambled eggs!), and I had a BLAST.  Had a race yesterday and also had a lot of fun.

We found the paint color we were out of and got it ordered and picked up to do some touch up work downstairs.

On Friday I go in for the fasting blood draw for the Mother’s Serum and then we will be on our way to Scranton for the weekend!  Friday should also show that the small cyst is gone and get confirmation that on Sunday will be my last BCP then 5 days later my favorite part begins (cue sarcasm)…INJECTIONS! (end sarcasm)

I am super hopeful and very positive that this is going to be the one that does it for us, I will have my rainbow baby(ies), I just know it!  I am also very hopeful that this time around we get to have some frosties for future use! I have a really good feeling about all of this and am very excited to start again.



3 thoughts on “Hysteroscopy, done. Next up Mother’s Serum.

    • No ignorance! Its a very good question. It’s a blood draw they use with the coculture, but if the culture doesn’t grow (like mine didn’t last time) they can use the blood as a serum to help the embryos grow. It helped a lot last time with us so we are sticking with the same thing with blood only rather than the torture of the coculture.

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