So thirsty!

I’ve been up for a few hours and still have a few hours to go until my surgery.  I am SO THIRSTY! lol.  I don’t know how I am going to make it another 4 hours or so before I can have a drink!

I should have had more fluids before I went to bed but I was too tired to even think of doing that.

Hopefully today there is no problems and it is just a routine procedure…and hopefully they can get the IV set up in one attempt lol.  I can’t believe how much I still despise needles after how many I have gotten in the last 9 months alone…I’m either crazy or just REALLY want this…I know it’s definitely the latter but I think some could attest to the craziness as well.

BOB, please give me strength and guide me through this.  I’ll be dreaming of you.  I will make you proud ❤


Side note: Joe picked up the medications yesterday…this is 10 whole vials worth of medication MORE than I have ever taken…watch out, shehulk, mega shehulk will be replacing you shortly!



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