Hysteroscopy, Stim Meds, and Craziness, Oh My!

Firstly, the results of my hcg test yesterday is still showing as positive…I am at 5.04 which is just slightly above what they like to see…I keep saying to myself that BOB is giving me little constant reminders of himself in the little bit of time left before we start our next round.  It’s his way of poking me and saying, “Hey mom, I’m here for you…I’ll make sure that this is successful”

Tomorrow I go into the surgical center for my hysteroscopy. Fun. I requested to be sedated for this…after two scrapings unmedicated, I cannot handle it, it’s too painful and scares the bejesus out of me…so at my request I will be put in a memory erasing state of twilight.  Hopefully this will all go well and we will be on our merry way.

I left a message on our nurse hotline after office hours yesterday when I found out we did not qualify for the compassionate care program even after considering that we spent 26k in medical expenses out of pocket in 2012 alone…we “make too much money” even though every dime we have extra in the last 3 years goes towards these treatments…but I can still try to get the rebates which would be at least 10% off.  Anything is better than nothing at this point.  Since we no longer have to wait for the discount card to come in I had asked that she order my medication which should be ready and picked up today.  She told me not to be worried in the amount of bigger needles we are going to get because the extra is for the menopur.  Instead of getting a little tiny dose of low dose hcg every day I will be getting a full vial of menopur…that is a LOT more medication than I have ever been on and I hope that I don’t go batcrap crazy because of it.  I’m already a little (LOT!) crazy with just the coming down from the hcg and the added bcp…I feel bad for Joe.

Slowly but surely we are making progress on the house and things we are preparing for once I am pregnant.  We completely emptied the spare bedroom and cleared some space in the office to move the spare bed for guests.  We just have a little more stuff to go through to make sure that the office/spare bedroom is in order.  I’ll be spackling the newly emptied spare room and Joe is ordering new closet doors…then all we need is chair rail and paint.  Not much left and it is one thing we wanted to get a head start on before this next cycle so we don’t have to rush it while I am pregnant.

On the 16th I will be going for the fasting blood draw for the Mother’s Serum and a quick check to make sure that my 3cm cyst has disappeared…once that is confirmed I will know to stop taking the bcp on the 18th and on the 23rd will officially be day 1 of cycle #3. Wow.

I have a little angel pushing me…we are making lots of progress and I cannot wait.


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