Check# 3 – Stim Day 8 – almost there :)

Holy Crap!  What a difference 2 days make!  We have a bunch of nice big follies and a bunch really catching up quick.  I have another check on Sunday and from there we will decide when the trigger will be.  We are looking at either a Tuesday or Wednesday retrieval date right now based on the awesome job on the ovaries part.  I knew I felt them growing! That’s why I can’t move too fast or I get a painful pinch!

What is it about my lining that makes all the nurses swoon?  Seriously, as soon as DC (dildocam) enters my nono all I hear is “NICE!! Beautiful Lining” then there’s a little drooling, then some staring a little too long whilst Mr DC is just chilling in the nono, then “oh yea, uhmmm…lets check out them ovaries now” whilst they wipe the glistening sweat from their forehead and bosom.  Was it good for you?  It was certainly very awkward for me. Maybe Better Homes and Uteruses is not the magazine it should be featured in…maybe something like Playboy but for internal procreation organs?  I wouldn’t even know what to call that…”On Our Backs – The Seductive Pictures of One Dildo Cam.  This month’s spread is on Uterine Lining…check out the thickness of this one…ohh…ahhhh….”


Anywho…injections are still going well.  Still not getting anxious.  I still don’t enjoy them but I have no animosity towards them.  I feel like I have an angel just taking all my anxieties away and just letting me relax and just roll with whatever they throw at me.  Good job BOB, I’m proud of you for taking care of your mommy so well.  Thanks for the help ❤

It’s supposed to be a shitty weekend (weather-wise) so lets make the best of it.  Have a wonderful weekend everyone “)

Check#2 – Slowly chugging along

Today was blood test and scan #2.  There appears to be a nice amount of follicles growing.  They are growing much slower than the first 2 rounds, which I am not too concerned about (except for if we run out of medication…).  We still haven’t started Ganirelix yet as my follicles haven’t quite reached 13mm yet…they are VERY close.  The first two rounds I was already on Ganirelix by day 3/4.  I feel like all the follicles are growing much more evenly this time around and it doesn’t concern me about the slower growth since they all appear to be about the same size. Now I must wait for a phone call to see whether or not I am starting the Ganirelix based on my hormone levels.

The second round I had a huge lead follicle that made the Ganirelix start on day 3, it was at 13 while the others were like 6-8…this time they are all approx 11.5-12 on day 6 so we are almost dead on even all the way around and hopefully this gives the smaller guys that seem to have popped out today time to catch up.  My FSH also started a little elevated the second round which may have caused that large lead follicle on the left side in round 2…my doctor wanted to make sure that the FSH was not that high on this round to start and it wasn’t so that’s good as well.

I counted approx 13 bigger follicles and a BUNCH of tiny guys that I hope start catching up so we have lots of eggies to give a fighting chance to!  My lining is definitely showing off…it should be at an 8 before ovulation, right now it is over 10 and it’s only going to get cushier.  That’s ok, it’s just making a perfect bed for my babies.  Good job uterus…looks like you want this just as badly as I do!  You should get a feature in better homes and uterus magazine to show all the other uteruses how it’s done.

Although I hate Menopur, I have been doing awesome at the injections.  I didn’t cry yet.  I didn’t freak out about them yet.  I just sit there and take it like a champ.  I am actually proud of myself for how well I am taking it this time.  I am so used to this it is like just another day with me…probably because this has been my life for going on a year straight now.

Friday is my next appointment so I just have to keep on trucking at this point and firmly tell my follicles to pick up speed a little 🙂


Update:  Starting Ganirelix in the morning! Let’s give those little guys a chance to catch up ❤

3 days of injections and egg shells

I’ve gone through 3 days of injections so far…tonight will be the 4th night.  Two more days and I assume I will be adding in the Ganirelix in the AM.  The fist injection on Friday was AWFUL, the second a breeze.  Menopur seems to be my enemy…it hurts…a lot.  I don’t know what I am going to not enjoy more, Menopur or Ganirelix because Ganirelix has always been my enemy.  I don’t seem to be as anxious around injection time as I have been previously…maybe I am finally getting over this needle fear?  Maybe I am just so use to it that it doesn’t really phase me anymore.  It kind of sucks, getting used to this sort of thing.  I never wanted to get used to it…I wanted it to work and be done with it.

I am much more “hormonal” this time than the previous two…maybe the Menopur? Maybe the combination of everything?  I warned everyone that they are on egg shells around me.  At any second I may snap.  I have, quite a bit.  I am in an awful mood today because of it too…I need to get out of this mood, it’s not me. I need to be happy.  Hopefully work will take my mind off of everything and I can go home in a normal mood.

Today’s appointment went well…everything appears to be normal.  If I don’t hear from them today I am to assume that my dosages will be the same.  Next check up is on Wednesday when I am thinking they will introduce the Ganirelix.

Also, Weird ending…but can someone please explain to me what the heck is “Twerking”?? I saw that word so many times in the last 10 hours and I have no idea what the heck it is…

Baseline tomorrow!

Three posts in a week? Holy cow, it’s like I’m starting treatments again…oh wait! Tomorrow I will know when my first lovely injections is! My guess is Saturday. TOMORROW is my baseline appointment!  I am so excited I can barely contain myself! I literally had a crying fit at work this morning I was so happy thinking of tomorrow.  Then my song for BOB came on in the midst of me being incredibly happy and I just knew it was a sign from him that everything is going to be OK.

I am emitting positive energy right now, as if somehow it is being transmitted from all the generous love, support, positive vibes, and prayers from so many friends, family, perfect strangers, and fellow bloggers directly into me.  I feel like I am glowing with all of this energy.  I feel high…like I’m floating, and someone else has just taken all of my anxiety from me.  BOB, is that you?  I don’t know how else to describe it, but I feel like everything is falling perfectly into place and I am ready for this. So ready. I am back into a good place. I am daydreaming about my future with children. I am envisioning myself a big fat hormonal pregnant chick who can’t see her legs to shave them. I am more ready for this now than I have ever been.

I just wanted to send a big thank you to everyone who has been following me, thinking about us, praying for us, sending positive vibes to us, crossing their fingers for us, and making me feel completely and totally loved.  I can’t wait to share the rest of this journey with you all.

Gonal-F & Menopur

I’m getting really excited to start IVF again.  I’ve actually been doing a lot of googling on my new medication protocol and I have seen lots and lots of positive outcomes with this specific combination of drugs.  This really gets me amped up and ready to start!

I can’t believe in two short days is my baseline appointment!

Who here has had Gonal-F (Folitism) and Menopur along with Ganirelix (Centroid)?  How did you respond? I’ve read this combination creates more eggs and higher quality eggs and also promotes better implantation.  How many eggs were collected?


Four more sleeps :)

Wow…I took my final bcp yesterday.  Now I just wait until Friday for my baseline appointment for instructions on when to begin.  I will start this stim phase with a whole vial of Menpur and 300iu of Gonal-F and we will go from there eventually adding Ganirelix in again (my favorite =/ ). I’ve never had this much medication all at once before.  I can’t believe that in a little over 2 weeks I will be having the egg retrieval again.  It’s both upsetting and surreal at the same time because it wasn’t supposed to happen like this…but I am working to make sure that I am in the best state, mentally, to take this on again in search of my rainbow baby(ies).

Over the weekend I officially became Godmother to my nephew, Benjamin.  It was an honor.  Here’s a picture of little Benjamin and his Godparents, myself and his Great Uncle John.

ben 8-18

And here’s myself with my adorable niece Paige…she was so well behaved during mass and when she was baptized as well.  She had the whole congregation laughing when she announced her intentions on going swimming in the fountain.  It was cute as hell!

paige 8-18

It really was an awesome weekend.  It’s going to be a lonely next few weeks as we jump on this roller coaster ride again being so far away from my family, but my decision to stick close to home for the next several weeks is for my health, sanity, and best interest of my potential rainbow babies.  I intend to stay as calm and relaxed as possible and will be avoiding stressful situations…I intend on doing everything I can to make this attempt the one that sticks.  BOB has been in my dreams so I know he is watching over me and guiding me through it.

So 4 more sleeps and I will know what we are doing.  Wow.