Third Times’ a Charm! (fertility meds discount info included)

I cannot believe how completely enthusiastic I am at this very moment.

Yesterday was our review appointment, and when I say it couldn’t have gone any better…it couldn’t have gone any better!

I swear my doctor was reading my mind…every question I had, every comment I wanted to make, every suggestion I wanted to make…done…covered…she amazes me!  I got everything I wanted and then some!

Here’s what’s going on in my life…and I’ll be giving some great info on discounted fertility medication through a program so stay tuned…

Yesterday I started BCP and I will be taking that until August 18th (the day of my godson’s christening!).

On Wednesday August 7th I will be going in for the hysteroscopy.

On Friday August 16th I will be going in for a fasting blood draw to create a mother’s serum (since that seemed to help with the last cycle) and an ultrasound to make sure that the BCP takes care of the 3cm cyst they found yesterday.

On Friday August 23rd I will have my baseline appointment for round #3.

What’s different this time?  Not much…we are still doing the antagonist protocol as I respond awesome to that.  We are kind of combining round 1 and 2 together…round 1 started me at a higher dose of Gonal-F and weened me off of it, round 2 had the low dose HCG which is being replaced by Menopour (which they gave me for free as a donation! Thank God!), We aren’t going to even attempt the co-culture since the serum alone did fantastic.  This time we are adding in assisted hatching as the benefits far outweigh the risks…and for $300 and a boost in the success rate, why not?

She’s checking my thyroid levels with yesterday’s bloodwork, I have always been in the perfectly normal range but she wants to make sure that I am below a 2.5 as this is proven to increase the success rates.  I am a 2.72 as of 2012 so she wanted to recheck to see if it came down at all, if not she will prescribe something to help.

My ovarian reserve looks phenomenal…a good number is >1 and I am >3.

Overall she says that my body does EXACTLY what it is supposed to do, we just have to get the embryos to keep on growing…the quality is excellent so there is no question that this can’t be done…this WILL be done!

I was also given information on discounted fertility medications through a program for people who pay out of pocket.  It’s called the Compassionate Care Program, it only saves on certain medications…I use Gonal-F and we can save up to 75% depending on our application…I’ll be submitting it hopefully tonight or tomorrow morning and it takes approximately 1 week for a response…income does need to be proven so we will be attaching our 1040 from last year.

To find the application for this program you can either visit or call 1-866-LETS TRY.

I can’t believe how awesome everything went…it’s like I had a little angel watching us to make sure NOTHING went wrong.


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