Wish us luck!

Today is our review appointment…I’m surprisingly calm and actually looking forward to it.  I know the last time I had a review appointment I was a mess…with our first failed cycle.

I’m going into this meeting today KNOWING that this can work for us…it did work for us, it was just a random event in the coding that caused things to go wrong.

I’m going in there hoping to get some idea of when we will be starting again.  I’m going in there to see how my doctor thinks I responded to the new protocol and to see if she thinks any changes should be made.

After we are done we will be finding a way to finance this…whether through the company that handles their financing or as a personal loan through our bank…we just have to figure out who has the lower interest rate as we will be paying it off in a much shorter term than what is offered.

BOB, I feel you with me right now…thank you for keeping me together for this ❤


7 thoughts on “Wish us luck!

  1. I’m here holding your hand and waiting to here news. These times are so scary and keep that pit in your stomach that creeps in all too foten. Wishing you push it away but knowing it’s what keeps you pushing.

    Love from Craplandia!

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