Cracking the Whip…

Today is the day.  Today starts the new us.  Cutting out the bad, only bringing in the good.  Healthy food only (with an occasional cheat day to satisfy Joseph…but I will most likely not be the one wanting to cheat) from here on out.  Caffeine has completely been cut out. Alcohol consumptions is limited to once a week (if I even care to even have a drink at that point…sorry wine, there are more important things in life than your deliciousness). Negativity is being released to bring in only positives.  Joe said that when I was in my positive phase that it seemed like everything seemed to go well, I didn’t get angry, I didn’t let anything bother me…I was more calm.  He has since started to try this out and says that it is working…well Duh, Darlin…that’s why I did it!

So…now that my major distraction of my grandfather’s surprise 80th birthday is over (which was awesome and he had no clue! Thank you to all the amazing effort by everyone!) I can focus solely on getting my crap in gear.  My head is back in the game 100%. We are getting the spare room emptied in order to finish it the way we want it to be and ready for baby furniture when the time is right.  We are making progress on small projects around the house that we wanted to get done.

Next Tuesday is my review appointment and hopefully we can get a better idea of when we can start up again and if she is going to just want to jump right in with out the use of BC or do the same protocol we did last time.  I also really hope my levels are negative this week…I have a feeling it is going to be one more week but it would be nice to get back to the right level so we can get the ball rolling on the next round.  I am actually getting excited to start the next round.  We have made it further than we ever have before with the last one and I am PRAYING that this time I get my little rainbow baby.  Third time is a charm, right?



3 thoughts on “Cracking the Whip…

  1. I really understand this feeling. Low AMH, diminished ovarian reserve has its own unique pain. You hear stories of other IVF gals going in and getting 19 eggs and being sad that “only 10” we’re mature and “only 6 fertilised” and I’m thinking they’re in a whole different world to me. I hear you. We alone. Together.

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