Today, I am determined.  I am determined to find ways to make the financial aspect of the next attempt less stressful.  I haven’t spent anything in the last few weeks and upon looking in my bank account it was a nice surprise…I’m able to put some of that unspent money aside waiting for bills.  I am looking on cutting monthly expenses and one way to do so is to downsize my vehicle…this would save up to $200/month…when looking at a potential $500/mo for the next 24 months IVF bill, that’s a nice chunk of money to put towards it.  I am happy that I have enough and then some put away for the normal medications I assume I will still be on and there is some extra in there in case my doctor decides to add anything additional.

Tomorrow is another round of blood work, I’m hoping my last but I have a feeling it’s not going to be…it feels like I have shrunk everywhere at this point and I have almost returned to normal (physically)…so maybe it will finally show a negative?  That would be nice, because at that point we can figure out the next steps…all this up in the air stuff is just for the birds.  I have to remember to ask if we are getting a review appointment once my bloodwork shows a negative.  I also have to remember to ask if the genetic testing results have come in yet…as of Thursday they did not…tomorrow will be almost 3 weeks.

I can’t believe tomorrow I would have been starting my second trimester. These milestones I had been looking forward to are now the saddest days. I miss my baby. I will find strength in solace and give my BOB the sibling(s) he deserves.

Hopefully I will have some good news come tomorrow…until then I can only keep telling myself to keep on pushing, keep on trying, stay strong for my baby.

6 thoughts on “Determined.

  1. I’m glad you’ve found some areas to cut back…it kind of sucks in the moment to not be able to treat yourself to things, but it also feels so SO good to put that money toward your dreams and goals of a baby. My fingers are crossed for you, and I’m thinking of you!

  2. First I would like to wish you all the luck with your future cycle. I am so sorry for all the difficulties you have been dealing with, this is such a hard path…

    After 5 years of our own losses and infertility we found success through IVF. If your doctor’s office accepts the Attain program I really feel that it is both financially and emotionally a good choice. It took a lot of stress out of both of our IVF cycles. It’s one price for 2 fresh and 2 frozen cycles. It also offers discounts on some of the meds. It was nice to pay one lump sum and then to not have to think about anything after that. I also might be able to help with medication costs if you send me an email…

  3. We are extremely sorry. Our hearts go out to you & your husband. I’ll never understand why things like this happen. 😦 You are a strong woman for starting a new cycle right away. & I somewhat understand why you are choosing to do so. My wife and I too are trying to cut back financially, today we are going to try & sell one of our cars to get rid of an addiotional $500.00 payment! It is great that you are in a financial place that you can start again. We wish you strength & success in your upcoming cycle. As well as strength to make it through your lost. </3

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