BOB and I are being spoiled already!

There’s a girl in another office at my work who understands the pain that Joe and I went through trying to become parents.  Today I received an email from her with a list of things she is going to send me in preparation of having BOB…and some surprise things for me as well since “Mommies need to be spoiled too”.  I’m completely speechless and incredibly happy that she is keeping me in her thoughts and helping me out.  She’s even willing to send clothing and toys from all the way across the country if we end up having a boy.

I can’t thank her enough…she understands. Karma can be incredible sometimes 🙂


One thought on “BOB and I are being spoiled already!

  1. that is awesome. we forgot sometimes how much stress and pressure and work it is on a preganant mama, let alone on a pregnant mama who has spent lot of time and work and effort and tears just trying to become a pregnant mama. yay for having good friends.

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