I get to see BOB again today :)

Thank god.  Hopefully BOB won’t be shy so we can see the heartbeat.  Psst…BOB…I know you are in there because, again, I almost threw up on myself so please show your awesome self on the dildocam for all to see…Grammy is expecting a picture at work so please don’t disappoint her.  Also, please show us how strong your heart is.

I am a calculated 6w3d today.  Let’s see if they can get an accurate measurement today to see if this changes…maybe a real due date and not an internet calculated one?  That would be lovely too…but it still may be too early for that, too.

Also, if the heat would let up a little maybe I wouldn’t feel so pukey…so I’m doing a rain dance…

I’ve read from the panphlet the office gave me that once the heart beat is visible the chance of miscarriage is drastically reduced…I think down to as low as 5-10% so when I see BOB fluttering I don’t know if I will be able to hold this secret in anymore and I know that our immediate families are dying to tell someone so…maybe you’ll be allowed to say something…I’ll think about it… 😉


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