I’m more on top of things than I thought!

I was advised to choose an OB and get the appointment booked ASAP as offices are usually booked 4 weeks ahead of time…so I found one that sounded really good to me.  I had to make a decision, though…do I deliver at the hospital that I have grown to love and have a high probability of having male OB or do I stick with an all women’s OB and deliver at a different hospital which also has a great maternity ward.

When weighing my decision I felt that going to an all women’s OB and having zero chance of a male OB delivering our baby was the higher priority.  I will just have to tour this other hospital and ask a zillion questions.  I have heard really good things about this hospital’s maternity ward but I just really loved the other one.  There always has to be some sort of compromise, though (as much as I would love to have everything I want, it’s damn near impossible!).  And nothing against men, I would much rather have the compassion and understanding of a woman, someone who has potentially been through this before and understands how it feels rather than someone who can never experience first hand how child birth feels (AND I don’t want a man I don’t know becoming more familiar and up close and personal with my vagina than my husband is…that’s just weird).  Also, Joe’s aunt is a nurse there so it would be comforting knowing that I’ll have someone sneaking people in after visiting hours 😉

My very first big girl preggo appointment will be on June 26th.  The next time I get to see my BOB is on Friday, only 2 days away! I can’t wait to see the little bugger’s heart beat!  Once I see this heart beat I will be so relieved (and I will get to push “Order” in my amazon cart lol). I. Can’t. Wait.


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