6 weeks (100th post!)

Today I am officially 6 weeks pregnant.

My little BOB is the size of a tiny sweet pea, that’s only a 1/4 inch…he’s making progress of only over a tenth of an inch last week, though!  We get to see the little bugger again on Friday, that’s exciting!

Some sort of regular sickness has started already, it takes some time to feel up to par in the morning and if I get hungry I also get queasy.  A lot of things have been irritating me as well…little things, things that wouldn’t normally bother me…but they do.  I think I am starting to get into mommy mode so if I don’t feel 100% about something it just doesn’t bode well with me.  I’ve had a few flip out moments to prove this.

I have to work on setting up my camera again, somehow its settings were reset and the picture on Saturday is just not up to par so I’ll have to tinker with that in the next few days…it’s fine, it’s not like there’s any noticeable growth in the belly region anyways.  Hopefully I will have this fixed in order to do regular weekly photos by Saturday.

I am in the process of trying to find a practice that I trust to keep me for the long haul after I graduate from the fertility clinic.  Hopefully I can make a few phone calls today and make some headway on that.  Appointments are usually scheduled 4 weeks ahead of time so I gotta get a move on since I will graduate at 10 weeks!

I guess I better get on that…


4 thoughts on “6 weeks (100th post!)

    • I get to see BOB every week until I graduate at 10 weeks! It’s pretty exciting that my office does this as I have read so many that don’t get to see theirs for weeks at a time…I guess I am one of the lucky ones!

    • Funny you should mention that! I was just thinking how it felt like a lifetime while everything was going on and all the waiting but now it seems to have just been yesterday that I started BCPs and anxiously awaited to start the stims. I hope yours goes much quicker than mine felt and that you end up as happy as I am!

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