Could it be?

Could it be that I am actually, really, finally starting to feel like something is definitely going on inside of me?  Is 5 Weeks and 2 Days too early to feel this way?

As I sit here fighting back waves of nausea I am thinking to myself, “holy cow, my babies are letting me know they are in there!”  Is it strange that I am actually enjoying the fact that I almost threw up all over myself?  Probably to most people…to me, I am just happy that I finally have some sort of physical sign that my babies are growing and will be occupying my ute’ for the next 8 months.

And whomever is making something in the kitchen at work, your food stinks.  Bad.  I almost threw up again.  Oh, the sweet bliss of morning sickness.  I welcome thee with open arms as long as it calls for healthy growing babies 🙂

I know I have been sleeping a lot but I don’t really think that is a huge sign, I am still on progesterone probably until the end of the first trimester and that is known to cause exhaustion and I am always tired even without the hormones so I don’t really count that.  Joe has been so kind as to take pictures of me randomly passing out on the couch…it looks like I face plant into the couch and there I sleep…it’s pretty funny but those pictures better not land anywhere, Darlin!

I think my ute’ has doubled in size, I can definitely feel it’s outline…it feels like a bubble and has a tiny bulge to it already…it’s pretty cool how that thing expands so quickly.  I let Joe feel it but he didn’t know what it felt like before so it wasn’t nearly as exciting for him…it’s just one of those things a guy doesn’t spend his time inspecting lol.

These next 28 1/2 hours better fly by…I want to see what these little buggers look like so I can put a face to what is making me feel ill at the moment.  And I better damn well get a picture, I want to photo copy it and add a picture to my scrapbook (which I should be finally getting in the mail today!) with the picture of the embryos and I want to give pictures to my grandparents as I plan on telling them when I visit my family this weekend.

And I guess I better prepare myself for the never ending “advice” from others.  It has started already.  Everyone’s pregnancy is different but apparently everyone is a doctor so a smile and a nod will suffice until my hormones start making me say things I’ll probably (maybe?) regret.  If I really want to know something, I’ll ask.  This is going to be fun!



5 thoughts on “Could it be?

    • Your ultrasound is coming up, too, isn’t it? Early next week? Getting some sort of symptom made me cry…it was amazing and I hope that you’ll soon be feeling like you are going to vomit all over yourself as well 🙂 lol.

      • Haha! That’s the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me!! 🙂 my scan is on Tuesday, so I’ll keep you posted!

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