4DP3DT – Progesterone Boobs.

I have no idea what else to call them.  They are impressive.  My mom and sisters are going to be very jealous when they see them as long as they don’t shrink before then, when I get used to the medication and my body levels off.  Right now it literally looks like I got a boob job.  You know when you sleep you wake up with lines all over your face from being squished? I have that line between my boobs…they are officially “squished”.  It’s so weird.

Who else enjoys progesterone boobs as much as me?  Too bad it’s not bikini season yet…I’d be like Baywatch…all the men staring at the bulging bouncing boobs…I would definitely flaunt what I have, too as this is a rare look for me.

I had a feeling this was going to be the slowest. week. ever. and I can’t believe it is only Tuesday. UGH. Time stands still during the 2ww. It always does.

I’m feeling great, though.  Still keeping positive.  Still talking to my babies.  Still have a feeling that this is really working. I have a little bit of pressure in my abdomen which can be a good thing.

I’m a little flighty right now so I don’t have a well thought out ending for this at the moment.

Ending go down the hole! (Tiny tunes reference!)


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