3dp3dt – Oh Progesterone…

I seriously need to stop consulting Dr. Google for every little thing.  This is MY experience, no one else’s!  I’m sure 99% of everything I am feeling now is a product of progesterone, but hey…a girl can dream, right?

Any who…I feel fantastic.  I am in such a wonderful mood.  I did NOTHING this weekend, except maybe fill some wine bottles on Saturday but that’s a sit down job so I wouldn’t even call that work.  I mostly kicked my feet up and let Joe wait on me hand and foot.  He wouldn’t let me do anything…how sweet!  Every time he had to go somewhere he kissed my belly 3 times for each of the babies…so sweet.

At 3dp3dt implantation is occurring.

On to the “symptoms” – I am going to just start out by saying that round 1, aside from the major boobage and exhaustion from all the medication I had zero symptoms.  So far, the boobs have returned in FULL force…holy cow are they huge, I am exhausted and it shows by how much I have been sleeping, last night I had a random bout of nausea…it was quick but definitely noticeable, I had the same nausea when I woke up this morning in addition to really painful boobage, a sore lower back, and slight pulling sensation in my lower abdomen…could it be that my babies are implanting? I sure as hell am thinking so! Come on babies, make mama proud! Do your thang 🙂

It’s funny, every time Joe and I see a commercial with children screaming and acting up we look at each other and hold up our hand with three fingers…lol…THREE! We’re either crazy or I don’t even know what else to call it but I don’t think we are crazy…we just want this SO bad.

On a not so wonderful note, we did hear from the embryologist on the remaining 6 embryos…unfortunately none of them have made it to freeze.  They did grow a little more but they just didn’t make it…which is not bad news because they only watch them for 6 days and if they aren’t to the quality and size they would like to see they know they won’t survive the freeze.  Last time they all just stopped growing on day 3 so this is not BAD news, it is definitely much better than last time. This is not going to deter my feelings that this is going to work.  I can just feel that this is going to work for us this time.

Keep growing my little babies!


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