Staying Positive

At this point last time we had a few 4 celled embryos which is great because they are looking for 2-4.  This time our biggest embie is 3 celled with the rest being 2.  It’s a little worrisome but I just need to keep thinking positive thoughts.  2-4 cells is a great number for today so lets just keep praying that they keep growing!

Must. Stop. Google-ing!!!!  OK…time to distract myself…

UPDATE: I received a phone call from one of the nurses to see how I was feeling post retrieval and to explain why we have a tentative transfer date scheduled for tomorrow.  Darling, I love you very much but you are a terrible message interpreter!  They “may” hold off for a 5 day transfer but we won’t know until tomorrow morning at 7:30 am.  Last attempt we weren’t even told that there is a possibility we may wait until Day 5 as they wanted them back in me ASAP.  Now that I know the reasoning I am a little less stressed and am back to happy positive thoughts! We still have 7 growing embryos at the stage they are looking for, 2 of the 9 did not cleave but that’s ok…they may even still try to split today.

Anxiety attack averted…now I know to always get the details myself! 🙂


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