Post ER

I was looking back at how I felt last cycle after the Egg Retrieval and it looks like I was in a lot of pain.  Either I was being a big baby last time or the protocol of medication they had me on this cycle was a great idea.  I thought there was a possibility last time that I had a mild form of OHSS because of how swollen and how “crampy” and awful I felt but this time, I am just swollen.  I have the tiniest bit of pain and that is probably because of the swelling but it is nothing that a heat pack isn’t helping.  I haven’t taken my pain meds because I didn’t have a need to.  I did take tylenol this morning just to see if it helps with the swelling but I found that drinking a crap ton of water and gatorade was a huge help last time so I have been doing the same thing this time.

What I can say about this go-round is that I was MUCH more calm.  The nurse pointed the same thing out to me when she was going over my vitals and just talking to me.  She said I was a completely different person last time, I was so nervous, I didn’t joke around, my vitals were a little off because I couldn’t calm myself down.  This time I was laid back, calm, joking around with everyone, and had an overall better vibe about the day.  I think this is partially because I knew what to expect and partially because staying positive and brushing off the negative has REALLY helped with my nerves.  I had to get stuck twice for my IV and rather than panicking and crying and getting mad at the nurse I brushed it off, said these things happen, and told her to jab the juicy vein in my hand even though it freaked the crap out of me.

After the procedure was done I was greeted by Joe with a video camera catching my anesthetic rants on camera…some of them were pretty funny, especially “Old Mac Donald had a Vagina…”  I’m so entertaining!  But I am feeling great and am still positive about everything.  So I look 3 months pregnant from the swelling and my boobs hurt and are huge at the moment…I am thinking of this as preparation.  I am alive, I am able to do this and do it with a smile on my face this time, and I am fortunate enough to have such a support team cheering me (US!) on every step of the way.

Now I am just waiting on the fertilization report sometime late morning early afternoon.  I’m sending so many good vibrations to my little embies and I would very much appreciate some more good vibes and prayers from you guys as well.

I’ll update later when I get the results!

I just received a phone call from the lab!

14 Eggs Collected

12 Eggs Mature enough for ICSI

9 Eggs are officially fertilized this morning! Everything is still 1 cell on Day 1 so no indication of a 3DT or 5DT but I will receive another report tomorrow morning!

Grow babies! Grow!!! 🙂


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