I get to see BOB again today :)

Thank god.  Hopefully BOB won’t be shy so we can see the heartbeat.  Psst…BOB…I know you are in there because, again, I almost threw up on myself so please show your awesome self on the dildocam for all to see…Grammy is expecting a picture at work so please don’t disappoint her.  Also, please show us how strong your heart is.

I am a calculated 6w3d today.  Let’s see if they can get an accurate measurement today to see if this changes…maybe a real due date and not an internet calculated one?  That would be lovely too…but it still may be too early for that, too.

Also, if the heat would let up a little maybe I wouldn’t feel so pukey…so I’m doing a rain dance…

I’ve read from the panphlet the office gave me that once the heart beat is visible the chance of miscarriage is drastically reduced…I think down to as low as 5-10% so when I see BOB fluttering I don’t know if I will be able to hold this secret in anymore and I know that our immediate families are dying to tell someone so…maybe you’ll be allowed to say something…I’ll think about it… 😉

I’m more on top of things than I thought!

I was advised to choose an OB and get the appointment booked ASAP as offices are usually booked 4 weeks ahead of time…so I found one that sounded really good to me.  I had to make a decision, though…do I deliver at the hospital that I have grown to love and have a high probability of having male OB or do I stick with an all women’s OB and deliver at a different hospital which also has a great maternity ward.

When weighing my decision I felt that going to an all women’s OB and having zero chance of a male OB delivering our baby was the higher priority.  I will just have to tour this other hospital and ask a zillion questions.  I have heard really good things about this hospital’s maternity ward but I just really loved the other one.  There always has to be some sort of compromise, though (as much as I would love to have everything I want, it’s damn near impossible!).  And nothing against men, I would much rather have the compassion and understanding of a woman, someone who has potentially been through this before and understands how it feels rather than someone who can never experience first hand how child birth feels (AND I don’t want a man I don’t know becoming more familiar and up close and personal with my vagina than my husband is…that’s just weird).  Also, Joe’s aunt is a nurse there so it would be comforting knowing that I’ll have someone sneaking people in after visiting hours 😉

My very first big girl preggo appointment will be on June 26th.  The next time I get to see my BOB is on Friday, only 2 days away! I can’t wait to see the little bugger’s heart beat!  Once I see this heart beat I will be so relieved (and I will get to push “Order” in my amazon cart lol). I. Can’t. Wait.

6 weeks (100th post!)

Today I am officially 6 weeks pregnant.

My little BOB is the size of a tiny sweet pea, that’s only a 1/4 inch…he’s making progress of only over a tenth of an inch last week, though!  We get to see the little bugger again on Friday, that’s exciting!

Some sort of regular sickness has started already, it takes some time to feel up to par in the morning and if I get hungry I also get queasy.  A lot of things have been irritating me as well…little things, things that wouldn’t normally bother me…but they do.  I think I am starting to get into mommy mode so if I don’t feel 100% about something it just doesn’t bode well with me.  I’ve had a few flip out moments to prove this.

I have to work on setting up my camera again, somehow its settings were reset and the picture on Saturday is just not up to par so I’ll have to tinker with that in the next few days…it’s fine, it’s not like there’s any noticeable growth in the belly region anyways.  Hopefully I will have this fixed in order to do regular weekly photos by Saturday.

I am in the process of trying to find a practice that I trust to keep me for the long haul after I graduate from the fertility clinic.  Hopefully I can make a few phone calls today and make some headway on that.  Appointments are usually scheduled 4 weeks ahead of time so I gotta get a move on since I will graduate at 10 weeks!

I guess I better get on that…

Could it be?

Could it be that I am actually, really, finally starting to feel like something is definitely going on inside of me?  Is 5 Weeks and 2 Days too early to feel this way?

As I sit here fighting back waves of nausea I am thinking to myself, “holy cow, my babies are letting me know they are in there!”  Is it strange that I am actually enjoying the fact that I almost threw up all over myself?  Probably to most people…to me, I am just happy that I finally have some sort of physical sign that my babies are growing and will be occupying my ute’ for the next 8 months.

And whomever is making something in the kitchen at work, your food stinks.  Bad.  I almost threw up again.  Oh, the sweet bliss of morning sickness.  I welcome thee with open arms as long as it calls for healthy growing babies 🙂

I know I have been sleeping a lot but I don’t really think that is a huge sign, I am still on progesterone probably until the end of the first trimester and that is known to cause exhaustion and I am always tired even without the hormones so I don’t really count that.  Joe has been so kind as to take pictures of me randomly passing out on the couch…it looks like I face plant into the couch and there I sleep…it’s pretty funny but those pictures better not land anywhere, Darlin!

I think my ute’ has doubled in size, I can definitely feel it’s outline…it feels like a bubble and has a tiny bulge to it already…it’s pretty cool how that thing expands so quickly.  I let Joe feel it but he didn’t know what it felt like before so it wasn’t nearly as exciting for him…it’s just one of those things a guy doesn’t spend his time inspecting lol.

These next 28 1/2 hours better fly by…I want to see what these little buggers look like so I can put a face to what is making me feel ill at the moment.  And I better damn well get a picture, I want to photo copy it and add a picture to my scrapbook (which I should be finally getting in the mail today!) with the picture of the embryos and I want to give pictures to my grandparents as I plan on telling them when I visit my family this weekend.

And I guess I better prepare myself for the never ending “advice” from others.  It has started already.  Everyone’s pregnancy is different but apparently everyone is a doctor so a smile and a nod will suffice until my hormones start making me say things I’ll probably (maybe?) regret.  If I really want to know something, I’ll ask.  This is going to be fun!


Two more sleeps…

Until we get to see the babies!

Joe and I both have the rest of the day off on Friday to just take it all in, which is really nice.  I originally was going to work afterwards but my boss told me not to worry about it…he isn’t even taking any time off of me 🙂

This is the longest week ever and it’s only half way through!

5 Weeks – Scared and In Love

I’m officially 5 weeks pregnant today (according to when I started my treatments).  On Friday at 1:30 I will be seeing my babies for the first time and possibly getting an actual due date!  At this point I can have 8 in there and I would be happy as pie, I want whatever I am given, anything we get is a blessing.  I think I heard the nurse say I get to see the babies a few times before I graduate from my RE’s office…I hope that’s true!  The strange part is I feel fantastic…I’m not really feeling sick at all, I have gagged a few times but that’s about it.  I am falling asleep noticeably earlier…Joe keeps telling the babies they are whooping my butt but I only feel exhausted when I eat…other than that I feel fantastic.  It is still wayyyy early to feel anything more than that, though.  I don’t think morning sickness usually takes its affect until at least 6 weeks when there is lots of hcg in the system.

I am scared over everything…I want to keep these babies safe and sound and every little thing is scaring me!  I don’t want to sneeze too hard, I don’t want to gag any more, I don’t want to accidentally bump my belly off of anything…I don’t want to eat the wrong thing or drink the wrong thing…I’m scared to death.  I have heard that this is a normal reaction for people who have gone through ART because we have gone through so much to get to this point we don’t want anything to happen.

I am so in love with these babies already.  I can honestly say I am STILL in shock, this is so surreal.  More people have cried for me than I did when I found out…I had literally 1 tear.  I have a feeling that on Friday there are going to be water works when we finally get to see them!  But I feel majorly protective already, I am constantly holding my lower abdomen, I don’t want them harmed…I don’t know what they look like or how many are in there or anything about them at all but I love them very much.  I loved them before they even existed and having them grow inside me is just amplifying it.  This is going to be the longest week ever until I get to see them.  There’s no more blood work since I am over 1,000 mIU/ml (1,128 was the measurement of my 4th and Final Beta)

And to end this…here’s the first of many pictures of my progress…I’ve asked Joe to take a pic each Saturday.  Now I just have to learn how to stand so I don’t look awkwardly square lol…maybe I should set up the tripod and use my transmitter on my cell phone to see how I look before the picture is taken…minor details…but without further ado, here’s a picture of me at 4 weeks & 4 days 🙂


Here’s a mirror shot so you can see I am definitely not awkwardly square lol!

4w4d 2