Day 8 Stims

Needles and Bruising and Swelling. Oh My!

I am crossing my fingers that today is the last full day of injections.  I am so sore and so bruised that merely touching the skin on my stomach is painful.  My left arm is completely bruised and there is no chance that it can be used for blood work at this point.  I’ve been using the right side for everything the last couple days because my whole left side of my body has turned into one big black and blue…hopefully this doesn’t happen to the right side before this is over!

I think this whole positivity thing is really benefiting me at this point.  Staying away from negativity and focusing my mind on the positives seems to be helping me a lot.  I am less panicky, I am less irritated, I am more hopeful.  I’m living in the moment and not worrying about the next step…it’ll happen when it happens.  I forgot to mention that we adopted swear jars at home a few months back as well and I think now that I have trained the swear words from being just another word like “the” I’ve been having a better mentality about things.  I do slip up when the hormones push me over the edge and I can’t fully express myself with just normal words but then Joe takes quarters off of me and I feel bad for saying the curse words.

I’m looking forward to the appointment tomorrow as this should be the last one before retrieval that we are hoping is on Monday.  What a way to end NIAW, with a trigger! (here’s hoping!) Have a great weekend everyone, I’ll be in NYC visiting my uncles and having a stress free weekend 🙂


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