Day 7 Stims

I just read back a couple months on my first cycle to see if what I am feeling was similar to last time.  It is.  I’m exhausted.  I feel “full”.  I’m nauseous.  Same as last time…that’s a good thing as I responded well last time.  The only thing different is it seems my follicles on the right side are growing a little slower than last time…lefty is a champ though…they are big!  Probably why my left side zings if I talk to loud.

I also started Ganirelix 1 day later last time…we started on day 4 this time but it was probably because I wasn’t coming in the next day…who knows.  When I started Ganirelix last time I had some 16mm follicles and this time it was 13 which seems right if they grow approx 2mm/day.  I can’t believe the difference between lefty and righty…lefty is definitely the front runner this go-round.

We are estimating the retrieval date for Monday.  The nurse confirmed that it would most likely be then as well.  We probably do not have to come in tomorrow but we are being left on the schedule until the blood work comes back just in case.  I do know we have an appointment set for Saturday morning, though.  I hope all the little follies catch up quick if we are planning to do the trigger on Saturday night!  Come on little guys, you can do it!

UPDATE from bloodwork:

Ms. Cutri,

Looks great, continue the same meds and return on Saturday. Sorry about
that nasty bruise!


1  tab of Prenatal Vitamin  to be taken orally every day

81  tab of Baby Aspirin  to be taken orally every day

10  IU of LDHCG  to be taken subcutaneous every day

250  ug of Ganirelix  to be taken subcutaneous every day

300  IU of Gonal/F MD  to be taken subcutaneous every day ( in
the evening )


E2 Level:       780

P4 Level:       0.703


E2   [Blood]
Progesterone   [Blood]

Stim UltraSound

Your next scheduled appointment is 4/27/2013


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