Day 4 Stims

Wow…this past week FLEW by while my sister and nephews were staying with me!  It was an amazingly fun week and a very educational week for me.  I learned that it is hard being a mom to two and that my sister is superwoman.  I also learned that my house is not very child proof so there are a few items that got thrown on the “lets get this fixed immediately” list…like needing railing on our ledge in the sitting room, extending the railing down the rest of the stairs on the second level, we should probably invest in area rugs as our floor is HARD and a lot of little things like cabinet safety latches, the plug covers for exposed sockets, etc.

I started my injections on Friday and rather than getting 1 each night I am getting 2 each night (Gonal-F & Low Dose HCG) and we are adding a third tomorrow morning (Ganirelix).  I went for my first check up today and everything looked good and I should be getting an email later today with the results of my blood work and any adjustments that may be needed to my medication.  I have to go back in for more blood work tomorrow morning as last time at this point my levels were higher than they would have liked but they eventually evened out but they want to keep a close eye on everything.  I have gotten 10 needles so far and expect to get 20 or so more before the retrieval…because I love needles SO much.  I do think I am doing a lot better this time around although I still do despise them and have mini panic attacks before getting them.

I am feeling very exhausted, this medication is kicking my butt! Joe has also pointed out that I am a little more “hormonal” than usual as I did have a little snap at my mom’s house on Saturday when the kids were fighting over a book and Joe laughed really hard at me…I guess I deserved it for not being able to control myself when I corrected them a little loudly.

I have to say, I was a little irritated on Thursday at my baseline appointment.  I was fully aware that my regular nurse was out this time around for me because she had surgery so they brought in another woman on Thursday from a different office to fill in and it is the first time I had her.  She was awful.  She wasn’t what I was used to and I NEVER EVER had to have anyone poke me twice for a blood draw.  I have very prominent and healthy veins and always drink a tall glass of water an hour before going in to make it as easy as possible for the nurses.  This time, however, was the needles from hell.  She poked me once and started fishing while in there…I felt like I was going to pass out it hurt so bad.  She then tried a second time and I think she went in too far as she was able to draw blood but it was a very slow drip and I felt it the whole time which leads me to think she went in too far and it was touching the other side of the vein.  I was not a very happy camper from then on.  I hope to never get her again.

But other than that I am pretty calm, it’s moving along quicker than I expected and I am not as panicky as I was last time…so that is probably a good thing.  I’m not happy I have to get so many needles but it is what it is and if it helps, I’ll do whatever it takes.  I described everything that I have to do to my sister and she called me a saint for putting myself through all of this…it was a nice compliment to hear.

Ok, I guess I am done here.  Until next time…


I got my blood results back, I was offered to get these results via email and I’m quite thrilled I have day to day results now!  Everything is looking great and no change in my medication.  Next blood draw is scheduled for tomorrow.

1  tab of Prenatal Vitamin  to be taken orally every day

81  tab of Baby Aspirin  to be taken orally every day

225  IU of Gonal/F MD  to be taken subcutaneous every day ( in
the evening )

10  IU of LDHCG  to be taken subcutaneous every day

BLOOD LEVELS: Looks great!

E2 Level:       347

LH Level:       2.63

P4 Level:       0.502


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