Who’s that crazy lady?

Woman-HulkThat would be me.  I’m that crazy lady.  I am trying VERY hard to control myself because I do feel myself wanting to flip out at the tiniest little things.  To prevent myself from turning into the incredible hunk and smashing the crap out of everything I just have to remove myself from the room or situation and breathe…it helps…a lot.  I’ve become a monster.  6 more pills to take then a few days off until the injections begin…hopefully I’ll calm down a little in the break between.

On a lighter note, another thing keeping me happy and excited is my sister’s visit scheduled to start on Sunday.  I’m trying to plan some fun activities around the house for the boys in case there is a day of bad weather and we can’t take them to the park.  It’s going to be a fun time…I just hope this week doesn’t drag by since I am looking forward to the visit!


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