Ready, Set, Melt Down!

So I have had my first official sign of raging hormones from the birth control. I have never felt so out of control in my life.

Yesterday I had a MAJOR meltdown, I mean tears pouring down my face, snot leaking out of my nose, uncontrollable, hysterical crying…all over one number. I’ve been pretty busy at work and I had just sent out a report that had one incorrect number…any other day I would just fix and resend…but not yesterday…I took it to heart yesterday. And there I was, sobbing uncontrollably in front of my boss who doesn’t know how to act around me with everything that is going on medically with me so add in a hormonal hysterical woman and I think a bomb went off inside him. I couldn’t stop no matter how hard I tried. I knew it was silly. I was laughing WHILE I was crying because it was just so ridiculous! Just imagine someone laughing REALLY hard and the tears coming out of their eyes are not laughing tears but sad/angry/stressed tears gushing out like a friggin waterfall…that was me yesterday. That was my melt down. I feel terrible for my boss. Ever since this melt down I feel my emotions toying with me.

On a different note, I get to have 3 wonderful visitors in 10 days for a whole week. My sister, Beth, and her two handsome boys, Jason and Miles, will be staying with their Aunt and Uncle Joe for a week…it would be a nice welcomed break from Scranton for them and I’m probably going to spoil all of them rotten…especially Beth since she won’t have to do any house work for a whole week! I already arranged my schedule for the week to work from home on Monday and Wednesday just in case they need anything, Tuesday and Thursday Joe’s mom will be around if she is needed during the day, and Friday is our fun-day. I already made appointments at Bounce U in the early morning, we’ll have a nice lunch, visit everyone at my work, and maybe hit up Giggleberry in the afternoon for some educational fun! I cannot wait! I just need to know what they like to eat so I can put together a menu of dinners for the week and have lunch items readily available to them.

Yay for a week of family!! I haven’t had that since I moved down here 5 1/2 years ago. Wow it’s been WAY too long.


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