April Fools Day Rant/Week 1 of Birth Control

I love a good innocent prank just like the next good humored person, especially on April Fools day!  A fake bug here, a rigged sink faucet there, fake poop, whoopie cushions, you name it, I love it.  What I do NOT love is the prank others think is hysterical – to pretend they are pregnant to scare their family…not quite funny to one who has been trying to get pregnant for many years and has spent almost 50K in the last couple years trying to achieve this.  I have seen a half dozen or so on a couple social media sites in the first hour of the day today when I realized that today is going to be a rough one and I should probably give social media a rest for a day or so until everyone gets this NON funny “prank” out of their system.  I know there is no intention of hurting others feelings in this seemingly harmless to them prank but I just wish people would think about the potentially hurt feelings of others when posting something like this…it hurts a lot and I just have to go on with my day pretending it doesn’t affect me since I have chosen to keep my infertile life a secret from 99% of the world.

End Rant.

Today marks the 7th day of my 3 weeks on Birth Control.  Before today I really didn’t feel any different, in fact I was in a wonderful mood for the last week and I didn’t feel any different, physically.  Today is a different story.  Today I am in a terrible mood, I am up and I am down, I am mad and sad and at one point I was a little overly happy only to come crashing down to being royally pissed off…but I think most of it is due to the rant above.  But aside from that I am getting terrible headaches and today I just feel completely nauseated…again, it could be from previous rant but I don’t think I would make myself sick over it.  Maybe the side effects finally kicked in.  Maybe the next two weeks are going to be a hell-ridden roller coaster and Joe should go into hiding until it is time to stab me in the belly.  Darling, I apologize ahead of time if my moods/behavior changes…I promise I will try to control it to the best of my abilities but if today is a precursor to what is to come, I am scared.

Please tell me it gets better.  Has anyone else turned into a crazy hormonal bitch on Birth Control? I hope I am not just making this stuff up…I just don’t feel like me today.



One thought on “April Fools Day Rant/Week 1 of Birth Control

  1. For me the worst part was the birth control. I was on heavy meds since I do not produce many follicles and I felt better when I was giving myself the 3 shots a day then I did on those stupid little pills. To help with nauseous feelings try taking them at bed time, it helps a lot. And never on an empty stomach. Just keep focusing on the end goal and keep reminding your husband that your hormones are out of wack and that you’ll be back to normal soon… 😉

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