An Exact Day? Holy Cow!

I am in shock.  They are able to tell me the exact day I will be starting the stims! There is never any certainty involved in any of this and for once, I have an actual start date!  I actually have 3 full weeks to prepare for this!  AND I got to give my boss plenty of warning that I will be late every other day for over a week and sometime between 4/29 and 5/5 I am going to need a day or two off but I will not know until right before.  At least there’s some warning!

I lied yesterday saying I was only going to be on BC for 2 weeks…well I start today and stop taking them on 4/14 (3 weeks total).  On 4/18 I go in for my suppression check and that is Day1 of stims.  There are 7-12 days of stims so we are looking at an Egg retrieval date of probably 4/29 or 4/30 with transfer date somewhere between 5/2 to 5/5.  (depending on if they do a Day 3 or Day 5 transfer).

And you know me…I am a planner…if (WHEN) this works, this puts a potential due date (if a singleton) on 2/2/2014 or (if there’s  two) 1/19/2014! How exciting!

I’m even more excited because this is all happening again finally, on the week of our 4 year anniversary.  And the egg retrieval is going to be right after my 29th birthday.  So many happy things are happening right now.  And guess what…I took that stupid needle like a friggen champ today.  I was worried because I haven’t seen hide nor hair of a needle in over a month when I had the fasting blood draw for the coculture serum and I cried like a baby…today I was stone cold and made that needle my bitch!  Here’s to getting a little better day by day.  Hopefully I can make all the upcoming needles my bitch!


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