The Final Countdown

Depending on when my cycle decides to start we will be starting our second round of IVF.  Ever since losing the battle with Batman and Robin my cycles have been whacky…I am normally 25 days but it was 30, 25, & 28 each time since (obviously not counting the one from the failed cycle since HRT caused that one).  If I am back to normal this time I should be starting Birth Control as early as Friday but it could be any time between then and Monday…either way this is less than a week away!

I have been trying to get negativity out of my life, I don’t want to hear complaints, I don’t want to complain, I don’t want to hear someone making fun of someone else, I have adopted a swear jar (or two) in my home.  I want to be happy and I am making a lot of progress with that by getting rid of the negativity.  I have heard a lot about the power of positive thinking and I’d like to give it a try…what harm could that do?  So just a warning, if you are around me and you complain or make fun of people or just have a negative conversation going be prepared for me to either walk away or ignore you…I have already given Joe a few warnings that unless something positive is coming out of his mouth he can save his words.

I’ve been trying to come up with names to call our 2 embryos that will be transferred during this cycle and I can’t come up with anything…I think Batman and Robin were great names and I am not sure I can come up with anything as good…I’ve been thinking about it for weeks and I’m out of ideas.  I am very open to suggestions if anyone has any 🙂

I guess I must end this now and start being productive for the day.  If you have any suggestions on 2 names please drop me a comment…I am looking for famous (fictional) partners, it would be better if the names weren’t gender specific (or at least one of them…) but I’m willing to hear anything at this point.

Edit: Here’s my list so far…none of them are really jumping out at me…maybe none will until I see a picture before the transfer….

Bert & Ernie

Bonnie & Clyde

Calvin & Hobbes

Chip & Dale

Dick & Jane

Itchy & Scratchy

Jay & Silent Bob

Lewis & Clark

Mario & Luigi

Rocky & Bullwinkle

The Wonder Twins

Zelda & Link


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