And Then My Life Flashed Before My Eyes…

There are too many things in this world I haven’t done, there are too many emotions I have not experienced, too many things I haven’t seen, tasted, or touched, too much adrenaline I have not felt…and then today my life flashed before my eyes and it made me want everything I haven’t experienced even more.

I want all these things…but the thing I want most on my bucket list is babies.  I was more shaken up thinking I was going to leave my husband with no children than the fact I could have died right there.  If this isn’t proof that guardian angels exists, then I don’t know what is.  Someone obviously was looking out for me today because a split second of turning the wheel too late could have been it for me.  I am still seeing the headlights in my head just thinking how close that actually was.

What happened? Well, I leave for work at the ass crack of dawn to avoid traffic, idiots on the road, and to get out of work at a decent time.  I was coming down a 25mph road that dead ends into a double lane road at a traffic light.  The light turned green and the car in front of me and myself turned left when the car in front of me SLAMS on his brakes and all of a sudden I see headlights coming through my driver side door and just as it is about to plow into my door it swerves, hops a curb, hits a pole, and continues driving through people’s front lawns.  My lunch flew on my floor, my purse dumped on the passenger floor, and I just started trembling and crying…that came so close I could feel his engine…hence the flashing of my life right before my life.

The first thing I want to cross off my bucket list is being a mom…the rest can wait as this is the most important thing to me right now.

And now, I think I need a shot of something because I am still trying to calm myself down and this happened about an hour and a half ago…


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