Two Weeks to go…

This is a different kind of two week wait for me….

Well, it’s been 10 days since my last post and the time has just flown by…I thought time was going to drag on by since I am so excited.  Just about 2 weeks to go until we start this crazy whirlwind of a ride again…I didn’t realize how close it was already.

Part 1 of ordering supplies has been completed for this process and now we await part 2…which needs to get done this week in order to be fully prepared.

It’s so funny, I’m actually at a loss for words because I am head over heals excited about starting again…not so much for the needles but having that chance at our fingertips again.  (Me, lost for words? That’s hard to believe…)

We were in Best Buy and Joe was going on and on about wanting a PS3 and I had told him I was OK with the idea…it is expensive and we have more important things to focus on but I got my camera that I wanted so he can have that…especially since he is the one that has to give me the injections so whatever keeps him happy with me will keep me as pain free as possible. :)I thought I was going to have a well put together thought for this post but I was way wrong…as soon as the new post screen popped up my mind emptied and just kept repeating “two weeks”.


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