Less than 4 weeks!

In less than 4 weeks we will be starting our next cycle! I almost forgot how much you can’t plan on planning because nothing happens when you think it is going to. 

Joe and I were planning on visiting my uncles and going to NYC for my birthday weekend but it looks like that weekend has the possibility of falling on a transfer day so I may have to bump my visit up a week…I think we just have to tell them it will be one of those weekends and we will know more in about a month or so.

So right now, I am planning on not planning anything after the end of March…nothing will go my way and I don’t want to get worked up over it because now I know how demanding this whole process is.

Today Joe is pricing out the medication at 3 local pharmacies that specialize in fertility medication…we knew of 2 already and just received the information on the 3rd last week.  I am going to apply for the 0% introductory fee Visa card just in case we need some additional funding.  My boss already knows that I will be an hour late every other day in a few weeks but I don’t know how many days off I need yet and won’t know until a day or two prior to taking the day(s).  I’m getting really hyped up for this! And it doesn’t hurt that my tatas will appear larger…they looked enormous compared to what I normally am last time…I guess that makes all the bruises and needle marks easier to deal with lol.

And to end this, I just received my 4 year anniversary present a month early from my wonderful husband, a new Nikon d3200…I bought the wu-1a wifi adapter for it and it is amazing, it is like a fricken shark with fricken laser beams on its head!  I am so ready to practice using it because I have a feeling I am going to be getting a LOT of use out of it in our own home soon ❤ 


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