Let the Preparations Begin!

A HUGE shout out to my wonderful husband for doing some leg work for us the past 2 days.

When he called the clinic and told them that we were just about ready to get started so we could get the medications bought ahead of time as well as some other research, prep, and a better mindset could be done/had before we jump on this bandwagon again he said we were thinking about starting again in March and they said if I wanted retrieval in March I would basically have to start tomorrow.  I do NOT want to have that same hectic, rushed feeling we had the whole time last cycle and I would rather wait one additional month then be frantic again.  I think I grew up a little just by saying that because there is nothing I want more than to start this right away…but I have to be patient and calm.

Now the prep work can begin. We are waiting on prescriptions to call and price out and since I have a different insurance we are not sure if anything is covered at all this time, I think only the progesterone was covered last time if I am not mistaken.  We can get all that ordered piecemeal if it comes out to a cheaper price because we have a FULL MONTH to do so!

This cycle is going to be a lengthier one, they will be putting me on birth control this time for two weeks and jump start my ovaries with a slightly different protocol…they don’t want to veer too far off what they had last cycle because the results were well above average.

I actually opted not to have a coffee this morning…I am going to try to ween myself off of caffein again. Words can’t describe how happy I am that we will be starting a new cycle in a month! This is our time.

I can honestly say I am SO ready to have my dignity taken away again, and to be stabbed by my husband with my worst fear a couple times a day…if this means we get a take home baby (or take home babies) I really don’t care what I have to go through!

Love you Darlin’ ❤


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