I swear I am seeing Vampires, not Specialists.

How much of my blood do these doctors need?  I swear I have given them more than what is in my body in the last 2 months.  Are they even doctor’s at all or are they Vampires?  Sometimes I think the latter…

Tomorrow I have to go for more blood work to check my hormone levels and an ultrasound to check my funny business.  Why?  I don’t know.  Just following protocol for Co-Culture.  I get to have my blood drawn tomorrow and then again whenever they tell me to come in as they will need to take 12 vials to create the serum for the Co-Culture.  I am not sure if all the torturing for the Co-Culture is going to be on the same day, I am not entirely sure when they do the biopsy so I will definitely not be counting the days down to that day when it is finally scheduled.

The good thing about this is we aren’t paying for it up front, the money for this procedure is due at the baseline appointment whenever we are ready to start our next round of IVF.  That’s a welcomed break, although I just received a bonus check that would have covered the procedure…now I just get to save it for whenever we are ready again.


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