So I went for the dreaded biopsy yesterday…I honestly forgot how bad that hurts…it’s only for 10 seconds at a time (only twice this time, it was 3 last time) but it hurts. A lot. Joe got to see the torture this time and I think he felt terrible for what I had to go through. He also got to see what comes out when taking the samples. It’s gross.

I honestly have high hopes for this next cycle with all the planning and preparations going into it. We both felt really rushed last time and now we are taking our time. When we are financially ready again we will make our next attempt and I am happy to say we have about 1/4 of the money saved already and hopefully a little more after we do our taxes in a few weeks.

I’d also like to personally thank Sarah for sending me a dose of ganirelix…it helps a lot. It really does. I can’t thank you enough for that. If anyone else has any unused stock of ganirelix or gonal f to donate I would certainly take it off your hands and it would be much appreciated. Saving a few hundred here and there makes a huge difference. And I am so happy you have your pregnancy and understand what I am going through, Sarah, it is support like you that makes me happy I keep my blog alive.

I honestly can’t wait until our next try, although I do despise the poking, prodding, and needles…I just can’t wait until it is finally our time. I must remain hopeful through out it all. Now to continue the search for a job for Joe so I don’t have to keep being his sugar mama 😉

Have a wonderful weekend 🙂

Sex Nazi says, “No Sex for You!”


How do two normal fertile people try to make a baby (or in a lot of cases, accidentally make a baby)? They have sex, right? Yes.

How do two infertile people try to make a baby? By not having sex. Say Whaaaat?

Make sense? Yeah, I still don’t get it.

They put a sex restriction on everything.  After Egg retrieval, 7 days no sex for you!  After Egg transfer, another 7 days no sex for you!  We need fresh and frozen samples, no sex for you for 3-5 days prior to each specimen date (and there was a lot of them)! How about a sonohysterosalpingogram? No sex for you!  Autologous Endometrial Coculture prep? No Sex for you!

One day they are going to put a sex restriction on something that makes no sense at all and it probably won’t phase me because they do it to every other god damn thing.  Seriously.

So for those of you who think it is fun to tell me “Well at least you can have fun trying?” uhmmm…most of the time I can’t because the doctor doesn’t let me.  I can see why infertility causes more stress in a marriage, it’s because of the lack of intimacy that the doctors do not allow you to have more often than not.  I thought I was done with the restrictions until next time we are able to do this but apparently not.

For now, I get to treat a yeast infection I do not have (and never had in my life, TYVM) in preparation for my Coculture, I get to pee on sticks to see when I ovulate even though it only means they are going to be ripping out a part of my insides 6-10 days later without the aid of anesthetics, recover from having my insides ripped out and probably be put on another sex restriction.  Oh, I also get to have a fasting blood draw on the 17th where they will be taking a dozen or so vials of blood to create a serum for the Coculture.  These next couple weeks sound amazing, right?

The only thought that keeps me going is, they are trying to make us a baby…they are trying really hard…let them do what they need to do to make this happen.

End Rant.

Now to end on a Joke…

Why did Sarah fall off the swing?

She had no arms

Knock Knock.

Who’s there?

Not Sarah.

Have a good day.

I swear I am seeing Vampires, not Specialists.

How much of my blood do these doctors need?  I swear I have given them more than what is in my body in the last 2 months.  Are they even doctor’s at all or are they Vampires?  Sometimes I think the latter…

Tomorrow I have to go for more blood work to check my hormone levels and an ultrasound to check my funny business.  Why?  I don’t know.  Just following protocol for Co-Culture.  I get to have my blood drawn tomorrow and then again whenever they tell me to come in as they will need to take 12 vials to create the serum for the Co-Culture.  I am not sure if all the torturing for the Co-Culture is going to be on the same day, I am not entirely sure when they do the biopsy so I will definitely not be counting the days down to that day when it is finally scheduled.

The good thing about this is we aren’t paying for it up front, the money for this procedure is due at the baseline appointment whenever we are ready to start our next round of IVF.  That’s a welcomed break, although I just received a bonus check that would have covered the procedure…now I just get to save it for whenever we are ready again.

Liebster Award Fulfillment, as promised!

Again, Sarah from Whiny Baby, nominated me for a Liebster Award, which is pretty awesome being my very first award on WordPress. I started a blog on here, initially, for a way to share my stories, mainly the hilarious ones…Joe and I have a separate blog that has unfortunately been dormant since I started this newest one as the fertility treatments/appointments were quite the transition from our normally never serious life. It will be used again as soon as my mood brightens but for now I use this blog as my venting/sharing place as a good majority of our friends and family have no idea of our struggles with infertility. Thank you Whiny Baby, I feel special and I am glad you have found and enjoy our other blog, I promise it will be updated again once things lighten up around the home front 🙂

How a Liebster works:

A blog is nominated for a Liebster Award if it is something that others enjoy to read, whether it is laugh until you pee funny, informative, touching, or something you relate to. The blog must be an up and coming but otherwise unrecognized page (it must have less than 200 followers). To accept the award, said blogger has to post 11 facts about them self, answer 11 questions from nominating bloggers’ Liebster Award post, write 11 new questions for your nominated bloggers, and announce 11 new nominees for the award. The Liebster Award is a way of sharing your favorite writers with others while increasing their audience.

11 Facts About Erin:

1) I am in no way your average girl. I curse like a trucker, have the mind of a perverted man where everything is a sexual innuendo (or can be turned into one), I love beer, and can out belch every guy I know…I do clean up well when we go out…but Joe always says he can dress me up but he can’t take me out…even all dolled up I still do all of the aforementioned.

2) I am, according to my husband which started out as a joke I said to him one day, “easy on the eyes but hard on the brain.” I have a lot of dumbass moments…like the “here’s your sign” kind of moments…There are so many of them I can’t even name one as an example…

3) I previously mentioned my sick mind. I love having pets but I have to be the one that names them. I have a knack for giving animals interesting names. For example, when I was 19 I wanted a Pomeranian in the worst way, I searched and searched and I found a little black puppy that was ready to be brought home and I put a deposit on her. I had already purchased a bunch of items for her and gave her a name…she was Ariola. Unfortunately the owner of the Mama grew fond of my Ariola and decided to keep her. I am 28 now and I have two cats…their names are Moose and Knuckles. ::snicker:: I don’t think I will ever grow out of that…it’s just fun…and it’s fun when people realize what these names actually mean (and even more fun when they DON’T!)

4) I am the middle child and oldest girl of 7 children all birthed by my amazing Mama. I am a big family person, I love all of them and wouldn’t know where I would be without any one of them.

5) Joe and I ended our reign as promoters of an Enduro Series (stock cars, basically a rolling demo). It was a very hard decision to make but because of the failed IVF cycle and both of us not giving up we had to. We need to focus on what is important and go from there. Also, we had no choice on when appointments are made and infertility waits for no one so something had to give. It was a sad day when it was announced but you can tell we had some real awesome drivers based on the reaction received when it was made. Everyone sent their well wishes and support. I am grateful for the friendships we made.

6) Joe and I had a long distance relationship from the beginning. We met through aforementioned racing series when my father was the owner. Joe was the photographer hailing from the NE Philadelphia Suburbs and I was the daughter of the owner residing in Scranton (like from the office!). This was a 2 hour (approx 100 mile) difference. We made it work and eventually I realized that the better job opportunities were in the Philadelphia area and made the move to him.

7) When I first met Joe I thought he was a dork. I wanted no part of him. He was quiet and weird and I never really saw him talk. One day when he was in the office at the track it was a scorcher that day and I heard him drop the F-bomb…my initial thought was “he talks??” and then “he curses?? maybe he is not that big of a dork?” We had a great connection and he used to come up and spend weekends with my family (being a worker of my father’s) and hang out, play karaoke, and just have plain old fun. We started officially dating right after I graduated from College in May 2006 and it has been great ever since then. Some say I changed him into being loud and obnoxious (funny obnoxious), but he apparently was always like that according to his friends…I just may have made him a little louder with everyone else…I mean someone has to be louder than me sometimes…he may try but I don’t think he can ever be 😉

8) I love chicken wings. I could be a critic. The worst part of living where we do now is the chicken wings SUCK around here. There is no flavor! I ask for hot and I get what tastes like oil that has food color in it to make it look like hot sauce. When I say I want hot sauce, it better freaking be hot…I don’t want a let down. And everything feels soggy…what is with that? Hot Wings are supposed to be crispy and saucy with a good flavor whether mild, hot, or insane…I don’t know what people would do around here if they actually tasted a GOOD hot wing? Hot Wings and Old Forge Style Pizza are my two biggest things (besides family, of course!) I miss about Scranton.

9) There is nothing I want more than to have a child. I see the joy it brings to my brothers and sisters and I am completely jealous. One day I will get my miracle baby and that will be the next turning point in my life. I don’t know what would make me happier.

10) My brother broke 2 of my ribs on my wedding day. No lie. It’s pretty funny looking back on it but in that moment, it was pretty painful.

11) I am a huge believer in Karma. I try never to offend anyone purposely or by accident. I try not to piss anyone off. I don’t want Karma coming back to bite me (although something has been for quite some time now and I can’t figure it out – but until then I will continue being very nice to everyone no matter what because I can’t afford any more crap happening in my life)

11 Questions Sarah Asked Me:

1) Do you have a celebrity doppelgänger? Who is it?

Now I have been asked this many times but I never know how to answer that because I can’t be the judge of it…I have heard a few times Anne Hathaway – but only sometimes, in certain roles apparently…let me ask you, who do you think I look like? If you can’t tell us apart, I am the one on the right ;p


2) What has been your biggest accomplishment?

I overcame a LOT of fears going into our first round of IVF. I HATE needles, and I had like a hundred of them! I don’t like people looking at my funny business and that was out for the world to see. I don’t like male doctors, or other men in general touching me, but I had to deal with 2 while my doctor was on maternity leave. There may have been a few anxiety attacks in the process but I got through it all and I am very proud of myself for doing what I did knowing all my fears and anxieties. If I can do it once I can most certainly do it again because I am willing to do ANYTHING to get our take home baby!

3) Pretend we are all sitting in the first meeting of a college seminar class. You are being forced to tell a memorable story about yourself. What is it?

Hahaha…I love the story of how my mom injured me at Kmart. So my momma is just as much of a whackjob as I am. When I was young, 6 or 7 maybe, Mom and I went to Kmart. We decided to race down the isles, her while she was pushing a cart and me just by myself. Imagine a little kid and a grown woman racing down the isles and the little girl keeps looking to the right to see if momma is still next to her when suddenly she looks forward and BANG!!! Head on collision with a pole. I have only ever heard the noise that it made on cartoons when someone is being hit with a frying pan. doioioioioinnnggggg…LOL!!! It hurt. A. Lot. but it was SO funny. I think my momma may have peed her pants.

4) If you could live in any historical time period, which would you chose?

Probably the 1940s or 1950s. The women in those times had such a classic beauty that I admire.

5) You can only eat one food for the rest of time. It is:

Duh. Chicken Wings. But good ones, not the shitty ones only found in this area.

6) Where is your favorite place on Earth?

I haven’t done much traveling at all. I have never even been on an airplane. Although someday I wish that this answer will change if I ever get the opportunity to travel, for now I am going to say at the top of a roller coaster just as it is about to drop. The feeling is just awesome. And I will give a second answer because Joe is a puss puss when it comes to heights or roller coasters, I will say on the beach with him being lazy. Love you Darlin’!

7) If you could go back and do high school again, would you?

No. I made great friends. I was no where close to being one of the popular girls but I wasn’t an outcast either. I was friendly with everyone and everyone was friendly with me. I was “just right” and just where I wanted to be.

8) What was the weirdest job you’ve ever had?

Uhm…I don’t think I have ever had any weird jobs. I worked at McDonald’s from 16 to after I graduated College working my way into management but then immediately started working as an accountant after graduation.

9) Who is your favorite Beatle?

Now that’s a tough one because I don’t listen to the Beatles. The only song I really know by them is Can’t Buy Me Love. I can’t honestly answer this because I don’t even know all of their names.

10) If you were going to colonize the Moon and could only take three things with you, what would they be?

That’s a good one! I would take my Husband so I am never bored, my computer so I can check up on everyone still on Earth, and Old Forge Pizza so I always have something good to eat.

11) Do you have any odd talents?

I can pop my hip in and out of place myself. It’s an injury that’s probably going to result in a hip replacement before the age of 40 but it surely is an odd talent.

The 11 Blogs I Stalk Nominated:

11 Questions For My Nominees:

1. What pushed you to the blogging world?

2. What is your absolute favorite meal? What makes it so great?

3. Do you have any funny nicknames for your significant other? Past significant others?

4. What are your pet peeves? (We all have them…)

5. Do you have any funny stories? Name one that sticks out. (Whether about yourself or someone you know)

6. How did you and your partner meet?

7. What is your biggest fear?

8. What is your greatest accomplishment?

9. What is one thing that always makes you happy when you are in a miserable mood?

10. In high school, what clique were you in? Do you feel if you were back there now you would be in that same clique?

11. What is your New Years Resolution?

Again, thank you Whiny Baby for the nomination. I’m happy to see I am not talking to myself all of the time 🙂