Merry Christmas…and a little rant

First off, I would like to wish all the infertiles a very merry Christmas and may you be blessed with the gift that you deserve.

Now…there is a reason why I don’t like telling people about our struggles…because they just don’t understand. For example, one girl noticed how upset I have been for the last two weeks…upon explaining the situation, because she is a good friend, her response was “you can always adopt” this is coming from a woman who has explicitly stated she doesn’t want children of her own…how the hell does that make me feel better??? I am not quitting now…this can still happen!! I have the ability to have my own children, we are suffering from MfI and the one gift I want to give my husband is a child of his own. I want him to be a father not only in raising a child but genetically! I have the desire to carry a child and deliver it, to feel it moving around in me, to love it before it is even born. I want all of that and then some. I love the children I don’t have yet knowing we can do this.

End rant.

Ugh. Ok, we’ll this is all written on a cell phone so it is probably jumbled and misspelled so I am going to get ready to explain this all again to 2 friends we didn’t see in over a month.

Merry Christmas and I’ll be posting again soon with all the new information received at our wtf appointment today.

May you all be blessed with sticky babies 🙂


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