SCSA results

So we finally got the results back. Let me precede by explaining how the results are measured.
For fragmentation they base it on percentages and the ranges are as follows:
Really good – up to 15% fragmentation
Good to fair – 15%-27%
Poor – 27% and higher
Anything over 30% is basically a 1% chance ivf will work based on studies

Joe’s results are 17.5% which is more on the good side.

This is fantastic news because he has a shot at this! He goes for 2 more frozen samples before he stops his medication so we can save up for round 2.

Tomorrow is the full review and I have a bunch of questions to ask on possibly improving our next cycle.

I am glad he did this because I just needed to know and he is very pleased with the results (we both are!) The doctor that called looked at our file and is amazed at how well we did given his condition having so many eggs actually fertilize. Sometimes this just doesn’t work the first time and I have to come to terms with that. Is it sad to say I actually miss getting injections? I hate needles with a passion but it was a surreal experience doing all of it…it’s the closest we have ever come to being pregnant and one day it will happen.

I hope for only good news tomorrow at the wtf appointment.


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