Christmas Vacation

I have 2 more hours before I am off for 5 days for Christmas.  This has been the longest day ever…this whole week just seemed to drag on.

We are still waiting for a call from the doctor with the SCSA results…I really wish they would call soon so I can stop worrying.  They’ve had the results since yesterday and with the multiple phone calls Joe put in you think they would have informed him that his doctor is on vacation until after Christmas…ugh…they were able to forward the information to one of the many doctors I saw at my doctor’s office so hopefully he will call today with the information we have been anxiously waiting for…

Well, the long awaited WTF appointment is tomorrow…finally…just the way I want to start my Christmas Vacation, reminiscing on failure.  As if I already didn’t dread this holiday enough right now.  Hopefully I will be in a better mood when I make candy for everyone.  Maybe I will save that for after the appointment tomorrow to distract me for a little while.



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