Excuse me, sir, I came in that…

So now we wait for the results of the SCSA test to come back.  We will hopefully hear the news by Friday but it can take up to a week for the results…they seem pretty positive that we will have them in 48 hours, though.

I texted Joe his favorite awkward word the nurses say when they schedule him for either a SA or frozen sample…did you ejaculate yet?  So he sent me the picture of the cryo tank he had to put everything in to be shipped out via FedEx.  The thing is huge! How much of a sample do they need? AND…it looks like fricken R2D2…I told Joe he just lived out his Star Wars fantasy and to leave me out of that one…

When I got home R2D2 was still waiting in the hall for pickup…apparently the FedEx rep that was called was a real tool and never asked for a pickup time so we were last on the list and probably expected a midnight pickup…no, you are not picking up semen from my house at midnight…you are picking this up now…so 6:30ish they finally showed up after a second phone call to FedEx.

I was very excited that they were taking R2D2 that when Joe answered the door I peeked and when Joe didn’t say it, I did…and hopefully the delivery man heard it, too.  Excuse me sir, be careful with that…he came in it.

You gotta add some humor to it, right?

How am I doing? Taking things one day at a time…my favorite time of year is shitty for me this year, my headaches are still prevalent, my sleep is still not that great, I am still sad, but I feel like I have finally accepted that it has happened and there is nothing that I could have done about it…but we are taking steps to help the future tries so that is one thing I can be positive about.  I still feel like shit when I eat and when I wake up.

3 more days of work this week before a long weekend, at least I get to see my family.

We have to do something on Saturday that is going to be very upsetting but it is going to give us a less stressful path which is what we need right now.  We are creating our future.  We are planning things with a family in mind.  This is to better us as a whole.

Other than that only a few more days until the WTF appointment, I have a list of questions I need to bring with me because I want to be as prepared for this as I possibly can.

Until next time…


He came in that ^^^


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