SCSA day

Today’s the day.  I can’t thank Joe enough for doing this test for me.  I know it has to be nerve wracking for him waiting for the results and I feel terrible as he has been giving himself injections in preparation for all of this for well over 2 years now…it is just something we need to know.

There are 2 possible outcomes to this test, it either will ease my mind and we can continue as we were or we will have new paths to choose, they may not be the easiest but it is decisions that we will have to make.

My brother’s visit was just what I needed…I needed a distraction if only just for one day.  We got out of the house, we talked, we laughed, all in all it was a good day for me.

My sleeping is getting a little better, I am not waking up quite as often as I was but I am still waking up well before the ass crack of dawn and not being able to fall back asleep.

Joe has been informed that he needs to start forcing me to eat because I have no appetite and haven’t been eating more than a few bites a day so he is doing a good job at that…I know I don’t want to torture my body if we want to do this again and I am not trying to, I just have no urge to do anything or take care of myself so a little assistance has been requested to push me in the right direction.  He’s a great husband.

4 more days until WTF appointment…it can’t get here soon enough.


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