That’s what I am feeling.  I think.  I feel awful…it could be the sadness but it could be the effects of coming off the progesterone so quickly.

I have no appetite, when I do eat I instantly feel nauseous, I’m completely exhausted but when I do get some sleep I feel like I have been hit by a truck when I wake up, I can’t even describe the pain of these headaches…they are unbearable…ibuprofen, caffeine, Gatorade, and sleep do not help.  I feel like I have the flu with no fever.  At least the feeling of someone cutting my abdomen open with a dull blade has subsided…that was a fun couple days.

I really hope Joe’s doctor calls back today so we can get that dna fragmentation test scheduled.  I really need this test to happen to move forward.  I went through a shit load of screening tests to get this started what’s one more semen analysis for him?

In the mean time, in order to save up for the next round we have to stop Joe’s medication…it costs $1,000/month and prevents us from saving money.  Along with the DNA fragmentation test he is also going to bank a few specimens to have on reserve for our next attempt.  Once we do that he can go back on his normal medications and we can start saving for another attempt at this.

***update, the scsa test has been scheduled for the 26th, the same day Joe stops his fertility treatments and goes back to his normal medicinal routine.  We will only have what has been banked if it turns out that there is no (or an acceptable amount) of fragmentation…I know we have no control over anything in this process but at least getting this taken care of gives me a little bit of control back to ease some frustrations.


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