5dp3dt – 1 week until first beta!

To think, I am half way through my 2WW already…wow.  In exactly one week we will have the results of our first beta.  I have a feeling this is going to be the longest week of my life…good thing I am in the busy part of the month at work, maybe it will help distract me a little.  Doubtful, but one can hope…right?

What’s going on? Well…I have a lot of progesterone related “signs”, it is wayyyy too early to be attributed to any sort of early pregnancy sign because at this point in time, Implantation is still occurring as the blastocysts continue to attach to the uterine wall…they are not even secreting the pregnancy hormone hcg yet…so that is definitely indicative of my “symptoms” being progesterone related.  In 3 or 4 more days the pregnancy hormone will be secreted but not enough to show up on a pregnancy test yet.

On to the symptoms, I am pretty exhausted…I sleep a LOT anymore.  I have on and off headaches.  Sometimes I am not feeling so well but that goes away if I nibble on something.  And I have what my sister-in-law calls “amazing tatas” – but I have had them for a little while now because of all the injections and the progesterone…it’s crazy how amazing they are right now lol…Joe loves them.  Oh, one more thing, my nose is amazing.  Joe went over his mom’s house to measure some things for her and after he was back for about a half hour, he leaned over me and I gagged…all I smelled was smoke…and she didn’t even have a cigarette while he was there but it is in the air there and I smelled it.  I never smell it on him when he gets back from there, but this time I did.  And like I said, these are all related to progesterone “side effects” so I will make sure I report anything once I am in the stage of this where it could be really pregnancy related.

What else? Well…I am just trying not to drive myself crazy waiting this out…Joe and I ended up not going to the birthday party because those girls party way too hard for me and even if I brought up the codeine excuse they would try to pressure me into letting loose and having fun and I didn’t want to deal with it.  But this weekend I am definitely not allowed to get out of.  Joe called my doctor to see if Benadryl was safe to take and it is so even if I wanted to enjoy a nice glass of wine with dinner at my company Christmas party on Friday, I can’t.  Maybe I will coax Joe into getting a glass so I can taste it because we will be in a wine room at a very classy/expensive 5 star restaurant so I would love to at least taste it, even if I can’t swallow it.

Well, until I write again…good luck to everyone in their journeys.  I can’t wait to find out how my little B & R are doing!


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