2dp3dt and I am exhausted!

hehe…I finally get to use those fun little acronyms 🙂

I can’t believe how exhausted I am – I am blaming it on the Progesterone…it is doing all sorts of weird things to me…I took a nap from 5pm-almost 6pm then again at a little after 7pm and I slept alllll night. wow. It’s exhausting trying to grow humans, apparently.

We have a family birthday party at a VFW tomorrow night for Joe’s cousin’s 40th birthday so I think I will use the Codeine excuse tomorrow…I don’t even know if I feel like staying a long time…I could even complain about how bad it hurts and excuse ourselves early…I’m sure Joe will appreciate that because he hates bars…HATES them…so…win win? I think so.  We have to at least show our faces since we agreed to bring Joe’s mom…she’ll find a way home lol.

My lovely sister in law gave me another good excuse – I have a shell fish allergy and (pending a yay or nay from the doctor on if I am allowed to take it) you cannot drink when you take benadryl…if I am not allowed to take it I don’t know if I will be able to go to my Company’s Christmas dinner (they are all big shell fish eaters…).  And the following day, at Joe and my event for our employees, who cares…I’ll use the Codeine excuse again…the girls aren’t drinkers anyways (except for maybe one) but they have to pay for their own, we are just paying for dinner so I can’t see too many drinks being had by anyone there because of the ridiculous pricing. 😉

At least next week is my busy week at work…maybe it will fly by? That would be nice…

Until next time, good luck to everyone 🙂


3 thoughts on “2dp3dt and I am exhausted!

  1. Quick Notes:
    Progesterone = Awesome Boobs!
    My poor mother…I hope she has to ride home with my father…HA!
    Hahahahahahhaa…..those girls are drunks…

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