‘Twas the day after transfer…

I feel amazing…mentally and emotionally…These next 12 days are going to go by at a snails pace as I await my first beta test on the 10th.  At least we have a few days in between we will be out of the house and having some fun with friends and family…but I have to think of a good excuse to why I am not drinking with them lol…there are going to be two very expensive meals thrown in the mix, too, and I hope that I am not feeling sick by then…I wouldn’t want to waste such amazing food!

I think Joe and I have devised a good enough scheme…I still have Codeine left from the retrieval as I stopped taking it because I don’t like how strong it is and how it made me feel…so I carry that around with me and complain of a “cracked tooth” that I scheduled an appointment to get fixed but have been prescribed pain killers to keep my pain down…sound good? I hope it works.

Any other ideas why I can’t share some wine with these guys?  Only a select few VERY close people know about this, none of which will be present for any of our outings in the next 2 weekends…


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