Waiting on a phone call

Today is the day after the Egg Retrieval and I feel like crap.  I didn’t know how much pain I was going to be in after the procedure! I felt like (still kind of feel like) someone was pulling as hard as they could on all the muscles in my lower abdomen…thank god for the codeine or I would be staying home from work today…it does take the edge off.  I do feel so much better than I did yesterday, it’s just uncomfortable.

I started the progesterone gel today as directed by the doctor.  Now we just wait to see how our 16 little embies are doing.  I am anxious/nervous/excited for this phone call…hopefully all is well and we transfer on Wednesday…that would be nice.  I can’t believe how far we are into this right now…I can’t believe with my crazy phobias I made it without a total freak out…If anyone has any doubts on being able to do this let me just tell you, if you want something bad enough you will do anything to get it and if I can go against all my fears than you can definitely do it.

Good luck to everyone in their journeys…I still can’t believe we are almost done…


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