The race is on!

Well, with the results in and 9 fertilized eggs, I’m desperately trying to reach my Urologist to see when I can stop my medication…  The main reason I’m hoping to be able to stop my shots is the costs.  I have about enough meds left to be covered up through this week, however if I’m to continue on any medication after that…….I need to refill.

Amazingly…(I can’t say fortunately, because there is nothing FORTUNATE about having to spend this kind of money)…I’m almost out of both my HCG and FSH….so it would be a quick $1,000 whack if he says stay on them for a little while longer.

Time to play the waiting game….  And of course take care of my lovely subsiding hormonal wife…..

For a quick laugh, I have to throw this in here………..Thanksgiving morning, we had to run to the hospital due to a mix-up with the Ganirellix…I won’t go into too much detail as Erin already wrote something about it.  The fun begins afterwards on the ride up to her mother’s for Thanksgiving.

Erin usually drives UP to their place and I usually drive back down…being that we were leaving from the hospital, she had no idea how to get to the turnpike…and me being the navigational genius that I am, I opted to send us a totally different way since we were leaving from the other side of town.

One bit of advice, if there is something a woman doesn’t like NORMALLY, when they are raging with hormones, the ABSOLUTELY DESPISE IT!  I don’t always mess with her when she is driving, but at times, I just can’t pass up a good opportunity.

We pulled into McDonald’s for breakfast.  We went inside and ate.  The driveway at this particular McD’s wraps around the whole building, so when you pull in and park, you’re supposed to back out and continue in the original direction and travel around the entire building. Well….Erin backed out and turned around…theoretically going the wrong way….for a total distance of TWO PARKING SPACES before making the turn back onto the main road.  Seriously, that is not considered breaking a law anywhere….

So, just as she starts driving, she asks how to get back on the main road and I said “just go out the way you came in, it’s a one way” (meaning the highway is divided and you cannot make a left)…then since we’re going the wrong way, I relived a great Beavis and Butthead moment and started saying “Breakin’ the law! Breakin’ the law!”………yeah, that didn’t end well.

First she screamed at the top of her little lungs.  Then she hit the gas and crawled up the side of the slanted curb that directs entering/exiting traffic.  And finally, when she made the turn, a cop pulled out about 35 feet ahead of us…so she couldn’t speed off.

I nearly pulled a turtle and hid inside my jacket!  Poor Erin….that was mean.  I’m sorry I ticked you off.  Although, you weren’t breaking a law…it was kind of funny looking back on it now.  All was OK though, there wasn’t any damage to the car and it was like nothing happened after about 5 minutes…gotta love hormones.

Breakin’ the law! Breakin’ the Law!


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