The bastard I am…

Let’s set this straight from the get-go….I do love my wife.

Darling, I’m just as excited about tomorrow night as you…however.  Don’t be too quick to say ‘the last of the needles’ as you know they are going to be pricking away for blood work non-stop…  I know how much you love getting shots!

Also, we may be having some house guests on Saturday night to help keep you entertained and keep your hopes up.  Jess and Eric!!!  Jess, who already wears a shirt that SHE-herself made which reads “Erin’s Bitch”, can take care of you while Eric and I play Black Ops II on Xbox…  I know how much you love video games!

And…to top it all off, we’ll have a fresh batch of my super awesome BEANED-UP chili to eat.  Eric and I…and Jess…will be filling the house up with the lovely fragrances my chili produces… I know how much you love farting!

But hey, at least you won’t have to worry about the cats jumping on your belly….oh wait…


Darling…which auto-corrects from “Joe” on your phone!


2 thoughts on “The bastard I am…

  1. Darling, let me get this out there too…I love you…and I mean no offense by this…but you apparently don’t read well. I never said last of the needles, I said last of the injections. Like I said, I love you, but your reading skills are just as awful as your listening skills. At least you are easy on the eyes…Love you! ;p

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